Seattle insurance tech startup n2uitive raises $1.3M


Seattle startup n2uitive, which manages millions of hours of insurance claim interviews and statements, raised $1.3 million to bring more technology to what it calls an antiquated process with a “next-generation platform.”

The company offers a platform for secure digital insurance interview statement recording, storage, indexing and reporting. The funding round will allow n2uitive to build “comprehensive workflow automation and interview intelligence capabilities” into its next-generation platform.

“The recorded statement claims interview process is disjointed and time-consuming for claims adjusters and often interferes with the insurers providing the most accurate and timely claim outcomes for their customers,” n2uitive CEO Joel Gendelman said in a statement.

Insurance interviews remain a very low-tech process, the company says, relying heavily on handheld recordings, manual file uploads and other time-consuming tasks. It takes a long time to review calls, making it challenging for companies to judge whether or not their interview process is working.

Bend, Ore.-based Cascade Seed Fund led the round, which also included a group of angel investors.

The 10-person company manages more than 70,000 new recorded interviews per month and stores more than 2.3 hours of conversations. N2uitive’s customer base includes more than 35 enterprise insurance customers and more than 15,000 claims adjusters.

Source: Geek Wire

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