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Attack by Chinese Hackers: China is planning to Target Indians to Teach India a Lesson after the Border Conflict!

These days “Chinese Hackers” are plotting to target Indian Companies, businesses, and government websites on the dark web. As per the stats reported that they have planned a target list of companies from different sectors of India, which is roaming within the Dark Web Forum. Corporations included in the list can be hit badly by Chinese hackers soon.

China is now planning against India on two parts simultaneously. One is the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and the other is India’s Cyberspace. On 15 June, there was a skirmish between the soldiers in the Galwan Valley, from June 15 to today. Over 40,000 Chinese hackers have tried to attack India’s cyberspace.

Chinese Use Two Techniques For Attack

cyberattack: china's state-sponsored hackers are targeting india's infrastructure. and silence may not be golden. - the economic times

The Special IG Yashasvi Yadav of Maharashtra Cyber ​​Intelligence Cell told that Chinese hackers are adopting two techniques for this attack. The one is “Internet Protocol Hijack”. In this, hackers redirect online traffic of a website or internet account by China to the target, so it can be used in surveillance.

Second is Distributed Denial of Service Attack. This service attack is the primary technique adopted by hackers because if a service provider website can accept a request of only 10000 people, then these hackers hack it and take this capability to 1 million, which causing the entire system to crash.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese hackers are planning to attack India and this has been accentuated after the strained relations between India and China on the border.

According to a report of Cyber intelligence firm Cyfirma, Chinese hackers can hit several organizations in India, covering from pharma to telecom, media, and some government websites. They can plan to destroy numerous different sectors.

Communicating with media company Moneycontrol, Cyfirma founder Kumar Ritesh said that Chinese hacking organizations and the community have increased in discourse since last week to ‘teach India a lesson after the border situation’.

Many gigantic businesses are on the Target list

Ritesh said that it also includes several big names in this ‘Target list’ of Indian companies roaming the dark web. Besides the big media organizations of India, telecom companies Reliance Jio, Airtel, BSNL are also included in the target list. The names of medicine companies Sun and Cipla Pharmaceutical are also included in this. Even Indian phone makers Micromax and Intact Technology, MRF and Apollo tires are also on this list.

cyber attacks in india surge in post border face off - pr newswire apac Two Hacking Gangs are Active

Many proclaim that two big Chinese hackers gang Gothic Panda and Stone Panda can do such an attack. Both categories are said to be associated with the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Hackers are looking for vulnerabilities in websites and platforms, with the help of which they can be harmed. Besides this, malicious fishing campaigns can also be run on their behalf.

According to security bureaus, most of these hackers are present in the Sichuan region of China. Sichuan is said to be the headquarters of the Cyber ​​Warfare Wing of the Chinese Army. However, until now it is difficult to explain whether all these are state factors or non-state factors.

The Special IG of Maharashtra Cyber ​​Intelligence Cell Yashasvi Yadav declared that the most significant success of Indian security agencies is that not a single cyber-attack has been allowed to succeed. Almost these attacks are being targeted in the banking sector, information sector, and infrastructure sector so that fear can be spread on a large scale.

The investigative company says it could be an attempt to discredit entities by spying on confidential information, including trade secrets.

chinese hacker

The cyber threat company confirmed in its notes it has analyzed the data of this month, and experts pointed out that after the deadly border conflict in the Ladakh Galwan River Basin, attacks on Indian organizations particularly very high since 15 June.

Indian intelligence bureaus have marked the use of various Chinese applications, claiming that they can extract colossal amounts of data. These include Tik Tok, UC Browser, Zoom, Xender, Shareit, and Clean Master. Even Intel also stated that these applications can be used as spyware and may be harmful to national security.

These targets will send resonance phishing emails on behalf of government agencies offering free trials. Encourage you to click on the link and take you to a malicious website that created to search for your personal and financial information.

Cyfirma’s report is part of a Global investigation into operations of the Lazarus Group’s infamous business, which plans to hit approximately 5 million people and businesses in 6 countries (including India) from June 20-21.

Beware Indians! IG said, all the Internet users should know these attacks and conduct cybersecurity audits!

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