Over 2,000 Deaths Floats Over the Venerating Ganga River; Plunging States. Are Covid Corpses’ Disheartening, A Manifestation of India’s Poor Governance?

The wobbling deaths of many loved ones have left India staggered, and there has always been a dilemma surrounding the nation; the unidentified and unreported dead bodies. Days ago, the deaths got exposed in a spiraling manner mysteriously in a district in Madhya Pradesh. The argument might have gone down the wire as we observe disastrous scenes across the Ganga riverbank. Corpses levitating down the Ganga, shallow-be towed or barely strewn across the Covid-ravaged States of Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar will remain etched in our hearts with agitation and condemnation of the government. The deaths got stacked up in numbers because of the overflowing cremation and grounds, and the tragic postcard from UP sent shockwaves and frets to the citizens.

In India, our spiritual norms and values have a privileged postulation to our lives. Whether it’s getting engaged to a religious festival or enthralling the exquisite experience of Ganga Snan, we have always remained untethered. It perceives that the draconian government could not revocate our lives without persisting exploitation. We have come up against one of the deadliest outbreaks of all time. And yet, our sentiments are disregarded even today by the draconic attitude of the officials. The abiding images of drownings deaths depict us as an indication of excruciation by the current regime.

The tormenting hasn’t restrained to just being a pandemic that takes lakhs in its entirety but has become more a political hubris. A catastrophic failure of the poorly run administrative body, lousy politics, and discontent regional imbalance have got highlighted throughout the pandemic. Is it the fault of the rivers that have to visualize such abiding deaths flowing along their banks? Certainly not! The looming waves of harrowing are prevalent only in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, even though they are not only the proliferation of the prestigious rivers. Keeping the regional demographics in mind, both of these states portrays a cultural diversification of our heritage.

India’s heritage gets manifested by these flowing rivers, which get reiterated and addressed as the divine or motherhood. The shoving has been under the cosh for a long, but the exigency of the government’s denial to respect our integral sentiments is disheartening. Why have UP and Bihar bestowed down to levels of obliteration? Is it because of the region or the religion? If we look at the irrigated origin of the Yamuna river, then Haryana acts as its recuperate beneficiary. How does the government engross such authoritative rights over the venerated rivers shows how badly our national patrimony is deteriorating under the jurisdiction of the government.

Do we observe such desolating visuals from any other states across India? For instance, let’s discover the synopsis in Punjab. The Northern state has the mammoth Covid-19 death fatality rate among the states in the entire country. It is a virtue to three of the prominent rivers flowing through the territorial waters of India; Sutlej, Beas, and Ravi. But, we have compiled no evidence of deaths accounted for by those rivers.

The expansive calamities have shed our lives into pieces, and the government’s adroitness of neglecting our beliefs time and again has broken an irrevocable trust. To what extent will the annihilation elongate? And who is the centric inculpatory of the humanitarian tragedy is the question on everyone’s lips? A lot of it has to go with the rising costs of woods and spiking crematorium charges assigned for burying the dead bodies. The dignity to death is the esteemed privilege proclaimed to human beings. And in the present scenario, that is all getting corrupted for the sake of explicit revenues by punitive democratic leaders.

The Deaths Rising Propensity Pinpointed to Prominent Factors

covid-19: india's holiest river is swollen with bodies - bbc news

Barring aside the economical and political aspect, the dumping of Covid-19 deaths in the venerated Ganga River could lead to the water getting contaminated which could upheave the risk of infections, and present another disastrous health issue mounting on our hands. If the poor governance leads to the transmission of the deadly wave of Coronavirus to localized regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, then the politicians have bloodsheds on their hands as the deaths toll will be humungous. They are not only dissenting the dignified death ritual but also putting a risk to millions of lives.

UP is the highest populous state in India, but it doesn’t show even a grimace to mule over the ailing of its citizens. It has compelled to punish the people accomodating help from social media platforms, which includes the conceit of being superior. The term democracy seems to vanish away, and the autocracy might have replaced it. The prevalent situation is only not the overview of the current scenario, but the sinking states have developed it into a methodology to meddling the rights and freedom of expression of the citizens.

The possible aspects of the affliction could get pinpointed to two; Politics and Economics. Economic outcomes generally get promulgated on two frontiers; good and substandard. It depends on the government’s discernment to not emanate politics in an arduous manner. The foreground of electoral politics needs re-evaluation as the despondency is fabricating massive havoc across the four Hindi heralded states in India.

The Hindu heartland depicts who propels in the authoritative ruling of India. The fortress of the regime got viably handled by the Congress before the BJP’s hubris, and now the carving-out scenario has turned into Hindutva politics today. The politicians have turned so lousy because of the shambolic dragging loophole of the government. It has involved the complexity of religious and social indicators, which has transmitted this paucity to the whole of India.dead bodies covid19 victims found floating uttar pradesh river ganga | india news – india tv

The UP government has trailed back the existence of pomposity within the senior ranks ever since Yogi Adityanath took over the reins of the state. The state, which got previously lambasted under social disparities, and average per-capita income of the middle-class communities, resorted to his supremacy for a revolutionary change. Nevertheless, leave aside transpiring equitable recognition for all, the UP government’s bewilderment intensified the gap between socio-economic reforms, which is quite identical to the situation in Pakistan. The renowned Bimaru term was used to entitle a description of four Hindu heartland states: Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

Enthralling the term into politics has overseen the four states snagged the interests of the citizens subsequently over time. The regional imbalance in political power and economy forefronts has been embezzlement created by the government to mock their audacity on the course of actions. If the poor governance continues, then India’s adroitness would levitate the nation in international rankings on every podium.

The scenes which restrain to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar could be overflowing in other states as well. The word of supremacy gets spread across every state across the nation, and the disheartening visuals would become deeply troublesome.

Tanish Sachdev

Tanish seeks new opportunities as a professional content writer and writes on several fundamental topics like businesses and economics. The focal point remains on expressing opinions on critical aspects concerning the economy.

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