Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh Tests Positive For Coronavirus Despite Taking Vaccines For Covid, Is Pharma Companies Selling Water In The Name Of Vaccine To Extort Money In Poor Economic Situation, What Is The Use Of Covid Vaccination?

The vandalism of the government for distributing ineffective vaccines across India might have got exposed. A shocking catastrophic failure of the government’s incompetence was inevitable when Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tested positive for Covid-19 and got admitted to AIIMS. The unprecedented nature of extorting money from poorly affected people has propelled them and their lives.

With influential leaders like the former PM and Haryana’s Health Minister contracting the deadly virus, is the vaccination progress, in reality, trustworthy, or are the pharma companies selling water in the name of vaccines? It is not just the case of some political leaders, and that’s not the only reason we are enlightening the fact of the matter today. Thousands of identical cases have erupted in Indian citizens when they have endorsed the infections after the vaccine dose.

The question that arises in the human consensus is why shouldn’t the reputed institutes like the Serum Institute of India be held accountable for such ineffectiveness of the vaccine. Haven’t they conducted clinical trials before inaugurating the vaccine for humans, or have they deliberately resorted to this strategy and extorted the ailing citizens? The deadly coronavirus has hit 195 countries and a total population of more than 8.1 billion people.

Contemplating the stats, the pharma companies are charging 250 INR for the Covid-19 vaccine. The ravaged situation has forced the middle class to shut down their business, thrown them out of their work. Does the government even care about the consequences faced by the Indian citizens? Or are willingly accepting to destroy their fellow citizen’s life?

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Is India putting the foothold of extortion by expanding the vaccination process to all above 18 years of age?

The vaccine was firstly incepted in India somewhere around July, when the Health Ministry announced that India’s first coronavirus vaccine would be launched by August 15. Since then, India has taken giant leaps in the vaccination program, but that’s what the stats say. The reality is far more concerning, and the impotence of the vaccine is ineffective in all sorts. During the initial scenario, the citizens were varied about the rising infections and kept on urging the government to launch its vaccine.

The promptness got the better of the citizens as the government deliberately skipped the clinical trials and inaugurated the vaccine despite knowing about its efficacy. It was a time when the country was in desperation about the total shutdown and thought that the situation might get handled. But who knew that the pharma companies who were bragging so much share spike in the name of vaccines would torment with citizen’s health.

The Indian government is planning to exceed the vaccine program to all the citizens above 18. Is the government putting all its impetus on supply the ineffective vaccine and gauging all the money? The arguments have assertively made us believe that. To ramp up the coronavirus vaccination drive in the country, the Indian government on Monday announced a liberalized and accelerated Phase 3 strategy of Covid-19 vaccination from May 1. The government hasn’t shown the slightest indication of improvement in vaccine efficacy where the youth could carve confidence.

The announcement comes after a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and it was noted that the government has been working hard for over a year to ensure that maximum numbers of Indians can get the vaccine in the shortest possible time. He further stated, “India is vaccinating people at world record pace and we will continue this with even greater momentum.” The argument that arises across the community, despite the acceleration in Vaccination why it isn’t even effective to combat the virus.

The Serum Institute of India has laid down various positive results and statistics in the clinical trials, but it hasn’t been depicted in most cases in reality. Putting lives at risk in the name of gauging more money into their accounts has been the strategy of these pharma companies. Primarily, in the first two months, its share prices zoomed almost more than 200-400%. The urge to the citizens has always been to get their vaccination completed but does it even have any repulsion If these vaccines are not preventing the virus.

The precarious position of the citizens has been violated far too much.

The pharma companies made the money of their lives by extorting the compliance of the people. The people were in a desperate state, and these companies collaborated with the government quickly witted exploited every need. By the time the companies were looking to make a crucial profitable surge, it knew that the citizens could no longer get fooled. It launched the Covaxin vaccine but without any clinical trial. The information wasn’t conveyed to the public as it would have enacted a slump in the share prices.

The hush got deliberately used for benefitting from being the adversities of the Indian citizens. It was to manipulate the activities according to their choice. It was the time when the COVID-19 became a precarious way of mass destruction. The destruction hasn’t stopped or been rugged off since then. Soon it became paramount as a political strategy: deliver the vaccine, you’ll receive the maximum proportion of votes.

The perplexing situation of the Indian citizens didn’t solve their problems but gauged or paved the way for more infections as the vaccines had impulsive side effects. In the colossal wave of the coronavirus, what the government did was beyond extortion and coercion. They played with the sentiments of the thousands of millions, and no way we could have recognized that. In India, the vaccines became an influential or manipulative plan to turn the tables during the elections and a sure-shot schema to maximize their support in the voting and election campaigns.

The companies benefited as the government bought large stocks of the vaccines, whether the Bharat Biotech or Covaxin. With the government relying huge funds on Remedesivir injections, we had a feeling that the black marketing of vaccines might have started way back, we could have presumed. The healthcare personnel is going agitated in the hospitals due to the lack of prominent stock of vaccines available. Their sufferings meant that they could do nothing to conspire with the citizens.

The long-headed battle agitated the citizens as the shortage of vaccines coupled with the efficacy isn’t the ideal synopsis. The second wave required the vaccines to be more competent as the government feared the backlash of carving a conspiracy with the pharma companies. Following the incidents where people have to lead infect with the virus even after taking the vaccine has raised a few questions of anxiousness within the community. The government has been fastening the pace and just playing with words.

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The pharma companies selling water in the name of the vaccines, and is the government involved in the conspiracy?

As the lockdown protracted, its protagonists increased with time as the people became desperate to thrive out of their homes. The pharma companies knew the fact well beforehand and used it deceitfully in their favor. The concerns started mounting when reports swirled around regarding the government’s involvement. The government was willing to provide free-cost vaccines, but it has never offered anything for free. Why this time?

It wanted to act prestigious in front of the citizens as it would imminently help them in elections. The media houses kept on indicating Government’s involvement, but the citizens couldn’t care less then. Alas, now they face the ramifications of not listening or being aware of the facade. Some health specialists also wrote to NAMO stating that the Vaccines Have No Role in Controlling the Ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It became inevitable that the vaccine’s efficacy was in doubt, and even the numbers exhibited that. The new variants are of an even more fretful nature, and it has got proved encountered by the specialists.

“I don’t think we know for sure that all the vaccines are not working even against the South African variant- which is regarded as the worst of the lot variants in terms of immune escape. However, these kinds of studies need to be done in India,” said Dr. Gagandeep Kang, India’s top vaccine scientist and professor at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, while addressing the vaccine efficacy conundrum. The research study he was talking about contemplated the vaccines developed in India.

He feared that the vaccine efficacy was moderate to handle the fearing new variants. It takes us back to the question that the pharma companies have dwelled in to sell water or ineffective liquid solutions rather than vaccines. After considering several facts and reading the expert’s comments, it is immersive that the government was equitably involved in all the dealings.

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Dr. Manmohan Singh wrote suggestions to the Prime Minister to Combat the coronavirus

Dr. Manmohan Singh was a prolific leader and had an astute stature of sticking by his commitments. He recommended that the battle has crept on way long and the primitive aspect of combating the virus will be compelling and putting valiant efforts in building up the vaccination exercise. He also asserted the perils of not ramping up the production. India currently has vaccinated only a minute proportion of its entire population, and Singh highlighted his opinion. He stated that by following properly calibrated policies, we can swiftly move ahead with the vaccination drive.

Apart from that, he designated the various aspects of improvements that need to be tweaked to battle the pandemic. The symbolism of an efficient supply of vaccines is mandated in dealing with equitable distribution of vaccines across Indian states. He wrote,” If we wish to vaccinate a set number this time, we will stick to that and convey the message to the producers to accelerate their production plan.

His focal point of view about vaccines was so accurate that no one could ever question his suggestions. He reverberated to advise the government to constantly monitoring the vaccine progress. The stabilization in funds is the essence for the producers and the distributors of vaccines. He called on the government to follow Israel’s protocol of invoking the required license provision. The government has leveraged a lot of vaccines to foreign countries which have led to less domestic supply. He called on increasing the efficacy of vaccines and calling out the heed of more proven results.

He further mentioned that imports of other vaccines that have been freed for use by authorities should be done without cohesive trials. The assertiveness to relaxation might give the much-needed respite to the emergency. Dr. Manmohan Singh warned all the intakers of the vaccine to inoculate the vaccine with proper consent from the authority board. Not only will his suggestions improve the situation, but also have a limelight on what should be done in an emergency crisis. He is a born chivalrous leadership talisman, and his ideologies could pave the way for our Prime Minister.

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