Nintendo’s huge new ‘Smash Bros.’ game is the best one in years, and I can’t stop playing it

“Spirits” mode is a strong reason to buy “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” all by itself. It’s essentially a fighting game-based role-playing game starring the entire cast of characters.
Sounds confusing? In practice, it’s not — you move characters around a large, hand-drawn map, occasionally stopping to take on various fighting-based challenges. Maybe you fight like a dozen Kirbys, or the heroes of the “Legend of Zelda” games (or whatever else). The battles are themed, and have various conditions — maybe your foes are impervious to certain types of attacks, for instance.
Spirits mode can only be played by one person, and is intended as a meaty story mode of sorts.
It is, by far, the largest addition to the latest “Smash Bros.”, and it’s an incredibly meaningful addition at that. I’ve spent at least 10 hours thus far going through Spirits mode, unlocking characters and earning new “spirits” to attach to my unlocked characters.
What do those spirits do? They offer benefits, along the lines of “buffs” in role-playing games. Maybe you use a “Wii Fit” trainer spirit, thus granting your character greatly increased movement speed and jump height. Or maybe you use a spirit that enables you to start each match with a baseball bat! Using these spirits is key if you want to succeed in Spirits mode.
Thankfully, Nintendo does a lot of holding players’ hands early on in Spirits mode. I never felt confused, or like I couldn’t proceed. Spirits mode offers a substantial reason for people to play “Smash,” even if they’re not into fighting games.
Source: Business Insider
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