The $550 OnePlus 6T makes me feel like I’m cheating in a world where top smartphones cost $750 or more

Like many other phone makers when display bezels became narrow, OnePlus moved its fingerprint sensors to the backs of its phones. With the OnePlus 6T, it moved the sensor back to the front, despite its narrow bezels. That’s because the OnePlus 6T is the first smartphone that’s available to buy in the US that comes with a hidden “in-display” fingerprint sensor. Yes, it’s under the display.
The real selling point here isn’t that it’s the first in-display fingerprint sensor, but rather that it’s back on the front of the phone on the OnePlus 6T. I truly welcome the ability to unlock the OnePlus 6T when it’s laying flat on a table without having to pick it up and reach around the back for a rear fingerprint sensor.
It works surprisingly well for a first generation effort at in-display fingerprint sensor. I have some trouble when I’m in direct sunlight, and that’s because of the way in-display fingerprint sensors work. They focus bright light around the sensor and finger to recognize your fingerprints, and bright external lighting apparently has a negative effect on this.
When I faced that issue on a bright sunny day, the OnePlus 6T’s insanely fast face unlocking took over and unlocked the phone without issue. It’s a great backup if you want it to be, or a great primary option to unlock the phone, too.
I should mention that the sharp, bright light that emanates from the in-display fingerprint sensor is uncomfortably bright in a dark room, or when you’re in bed getting ready to go to sleep. It’s something you can avoid by setting your home as a “trusted place” in the Android menu, just to avoid using the fingerprint sensor altogether in the dark.
Source: Business Insider
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