NFT domains from are going viral; own one yet?

The NFT domain name industry, like ens domains, is brewing with opportunities for everyone that wants to get in. You wouldn’t want to be left behind, either, would you? Well, NFT domain names are fascinating, to put it straight. They are minted on blockchains and connected to extensions based on blockchains. They are decentralized, private, secure, and quite simple to handle. They are also digital assets that can be individually owned and not rented, as in the case of conventional domain names. Let’s say it this way, you can mint them once, and then you own them completely, no questions asked. Guess who’s out there helping everyone mint one for themselves. It’s is an NFT domain name marketplace that is, quite simply put, a place to buy, sell and mint web3 domain names. With a comprehensive list of TLDs on the line, provides you with an opportunity to become a part of Web3 before it comes to the limelight. Here’s how you can get one for yourself on

Minting an NFT domain name on

You’ve decided to mint yourself an NFT domain name and come to to do some NFT domain shopping. Well, does make it as simple as it sounds. So there’s a list of TLDs based on the Ethereum blockchain that supports.

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6 high

Here’s the list supported by the ecosystem as of now.


Now, you can choose among these. This isn’t the final list, though. As the ecosystem progresses, more TLDs will be added. Let’s presume you’ve decided on the TLD. Now you have to connect your Metamask or trust wallet to the website. Hereafter, you can search for the NFT domain name you’re looking for. If it is available, you can mint it using the mint button below it. It will need you to confirm the transaction on your crypto wallet, and boom, you own an NFT domain name. Now you can store it in your crypto wallet for as long as you want. What? Fees? No, there isn’t any renewal or hidden fee. You own the NFT domain name and can use it for its many applications. Come to think of it, and the ecosystem has a couple of NFT domain name applications that it supports. The ecosystem will allow its users to use the NFT domains.

NFT domains and the ecosystem

The ecosystem will release a Chrome extension that will allow its users to create decentralized websites on the web 3. Additionally, the ecosystem will allow its users to browse the web3. So you’ll be able to browse the web3 and host a decentralized website. That’s a win-win. That’s not all; there’s more.

The ecosystem will also allow its users to replace their crypto wallet addresses with their NFT domain name. Why is that helpful? Well, since the default hexadecimal crypto wallet addresses are long and tough to remember, they become bothersome to handle. Also they are prone to mistakes. If you type in the wrong wallet address, you could send the assets to the wrong wallet. Hence, NFT domain names ease crypto transactions by replacing the tough-to-remember addresses.

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These two aren’t the only use cases that are put forward. As the ecosystem moves forward, more use cases will come up and elaborate the way NFT domains work in many different ways.

In a nutshell

With that being said, brings you an easy way into web3. As simple as owning an NFT domain may seem, there’s more to it coming very soon than one can imagine. The whole face of the internet and the way it works is about to change. Are you up to being a part of the futuristic internet? You are! Well, then why don’t we see you on yet. See you there soon.

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