10 Mind-Blowing Casino Secrets You Never Knew

The casino industry rakes in billions in revenue annually, so a lot of money and effort is invested in maintaining it as a leading entertainment source. Online gambling dens may offer the convenience of access to thousands of games anywhere and anytime, but they have not dimmed brick-and-mortar establishment’ authenticity.

These dens are a cocktail of risk and entertainment hardly matched by internet casinos. While location-based casinos are publicized flashy establishments, several mind-blowing secrets are designed to keep punters gambling on tables and machines.

Someone is Always Watching

Land-based gambling destinations are often filled to the brim with people trying their luck. Also, most casinos double as resorts, and the gambling floors are placed along pathways accessible from most areas of the establishment. Being in such a massive crowd can make one feel anonymous and likely to get away with cheeky behaviour, but they are not.

Considering the heavy money flow in a gambling club, the house always watches events on the floor. The security systems take extreme measures that make crimes like cheating and theft challenging to pull off. Cameras are set up in ways that can easily zoom in on chips and cards, and casinos pay attention to punters that land big wins to check for natural reactions.

This is especially common in blackjack since the card-counting technique can be used to cash out big. If they notice something shady, a pit boss is sent over to inspect the session in person.

Cozy Designs

Gambling clubs also pay attention to how their architecture and design influences players. Some sections of the establishments inspire a laid-back mood using lighting. The fixtures are adjusted to be as bright as a typical living room would be, enhancing the feeling of being at home. Once punters get comfortable in such zones, they won’t be in a rush to leave. Such homey designs are often used in social games like poker and blackjack.

Money Maze Design

Location-based casinos have long stirred psychological discussions about the design of their gambling floors. Each gambling den has unique architecture, but they all apply meticulous models that keep players from leaving.

Casinos have maze-like floors with slot machines, tables, restaurants, and shopping centers all around. However, exits are challenging to find. Gaming clubs assume that by the time one locates an exit, they may have fallen for the flashing lights, fancy appearance, or melodious tunes of a game or two.

The House Wins Bigger Than You Think

Everybody knows the house always wins but do not play down just how much they rake in. Las Vegas Strip casinos bring in over $1.5 billion in profit per fiscal year, accounting for a significant portion of the total, often upward of $25 billion. Even small gaming clubs in suburban areas like Illinois record substantial profits.

Reports indicate that such dens collect more than a million dollars weekly. This amount is pure profit without counting cash that needs to be on-site to cover massive wins.

Never Off Tune

Brick-and-mortar casino floors are usually full of hundreds or thousands of pokies and other machines with flashing lights and different soundtracks. Even with all the jingles, chimes, drumbeats, and trumpets coming from the games, one may find it surprising that they are not repulsive to listen to. Gaming clubs typically have gaming machine tunes set to the same key, mostly the musical note C.

That way, no matter how many machines are blasting away simultaneously, they all ride the same wave and get gamblers excited to start or continue with gameplay.

Fast-Hand Night Croupiers

Table game enthusiasts who gamble during different times can attest to bankrolls lasting longer in the daytime than nighttime. Table and card game croupiers have varying dealing speeds, and fast ones cover nighttime sessions. Land-based casinos see most of their business in the evenings, so they need as many bets as possible pushed per hour.

Some croupiers are so good at the practice that they can deal up to fifty hands per hour. Fast dealers also make more money for the gambling club since they pressure gamers into making quick, less-thought-through decisions.

Sensory Manipulation

Gambling establishments know to keep gamblers happy to encourage even more spending even when they are losing. The dens exploit players’ senses to boost their morale, one of them being taste buds. Once punters settle in and play several rounds, free food and drinks start rolling out. While they are marketed as compliments for visiting the destination, they mainly stand to keep punters from living.

Casinos also use lights and sounds in games to trick human brains into thinking there are winning when they are not. For instance, a win of $5 generated from a $10 stake is celebrated with flashes and animations, but the round actually loses $5.

Anti-Counterfeit Chips

Brick-and-mortar gaming clubs use chips instead of bills and coins to gamble, making it easy to track spending. While chips look like simple creations that can be counterfeited, it is more challenging than one might think. Original chips double as crayons, and some dealers confess to drawing with them when bored. Some gamblers also try to change $1 white chips into $100 black ones. However, most gaming sites watermark valuable chips between $100 and $10,000 with images that appear under black light.

The Peeking Rule

Many blackjack versions allow the dealer to peek at their hole card if their face-up card is an Ace or ten to see whether they have Blackjack. However, the croupier only sees a white shade if the dealt card does not result in Blackjack. Therefore, they are as in the dark on their hand value as the player is and checking their face for a sign reads into nothing, in most cases.

Time Stops

Gambling dens do not literally stop time, but they get inventive on keeping clients playing as long as possible. Casinos are designed without any windows or clocks, eliminating any tell-tales of time moving. Once in the establishment, one cannot tell whether it is night or day.

Final Comments

Knowing these secrets can help you be more aware of your location-based gambling habits and how the casino influences them. Ensure to keep the activity as a source of fun rather than a compulsive behaviour.

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