Accept the #DaretoDisconnect challenge and Sennheiser could give you a well-organised and fun office party (and more)


As entrepreneurs, corporates or startup evangelists, there is no doubt that we love the work we do, in spite of all the craziness and stress. While no one can say that our work is monotonous, we all definitely have those moments when all we want to do is disconnect, at least for a while, before we get charged up and get back to work mode.

Disconnect and Rejuvenate

There are many ways you can kill monotony and make your work life more vibrant. Try and make your workplaces more fun and engaging by taking small moments to disconnect from monotony and stress. Here are some ways in which you can do this.

Plug in to music

Studies indicate that music helps people concentrate better and get rid of anxiety and stress. You could also play a song you can dance to which will put everyone in a great mood. Turn DJ, take special requests from co-workers, and play those numbers to boost happiness and productivity.

Organise an office party

There’s nothing in the world that food and music can’t solve. Organising an office party is a fun way to get colleagues to come together and bond and build conversations around their interests and activities outside of work. Happy and well-fed employees will always get back to work well-rejuvenated.

Take a travel break

Going on a vacation is a great way to leave your office stress and deadlines behind. A stress-free vacation from your stressful job is like recovery time which can positively change your perspective about work. Be sure to avoid or limit communications to emails and voice messages when you take time off. Kick back and relax, experience the magical view that your travel destination has to offer.

Get on your hobby horse

You can also take time out for your favourite hobby, such as cooking, playing a musical instrument, sketching, or learn a new one. Make those dreaded Mondays fun by kicking it off with some sports activities that will help employees get into shape both physically and mentally. Remember, you’re not just doing what you love, but unconsciously contributing to your emotional well being.

So, will you dare to disconnect?

If you do (and you definitely should), then participate in Sennheiser’s #DaretoDisconnect campaign. All you need to do is get someone to capture on camera you or your colleagues doing something cool to unwind and destress, take a video and show the world how awesome people in awesome places roll.

So, dare to disconnect from the job at hand, indulge in something you enjoy which can help you refresh and recharge, and come back and do your job better.

Source: Yourstory

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