Attend Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018 and leverage pathbreaking innovations for business growth


Today, consumers are looking to support organisations that are creating a positive impact through their innovations. With the rapid technological advancement and a highly competitive market, it has become necessary for businesses to come up with ground-breaking innovations. India is now witnessing multiple events such as conferences, seminars, and panels where startups are networking and showcasing revolutionary ideas.

Bengaluru is a hotbed for startups and has always been at the forefront of enabling the ecosystem by hosting seminars, tech summits, etc. One of oldest and most prestigious is the Bengaluru Tech Summit, India’s flagship event, which has evolved over two decades as the definitive ICT, Electronics and Biotechnology Summit. This year, the Department of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka is organising its 21st edition of the Bengaluru Tech Summit on November 29, 2018 to December 1, 2018 at the Bengaluru Palace where the focal theme is ‘Innovation and Impact’. A strategic platform for industries, technologies and use cases worldwide, the event helps startups understand and leverage the impact of the latest innovations and technology on businesses and daily lives.

Bringing together IT and BT

The international conference will bring together top technology experts, futurists, policymakers, research heads, and industry captains from all over the globe to indulge in invigorating sessions. With over 11,000 visitors, 1,500+ organisations, 200+ startups, 3,000+ delegates and 250+ exhibitors at the venue, eminent stakeholders from the ecosystem will deliberate on thought leadership while over 260 expert speakers will give insights into the latest industry trends, future opportunities, and innovators will present path-breaking ideas.

The focus of the conference will be on Information Technology (IT) and Biotechnology (BT) with sessions on Blockchain, AI, IoT, cybersecurity, immersive experiences (AR/VR), bioservices, and agritechnology, among others.

Expert sessions and rewards in the bag

There’s a lot to look forward to this year – B2B expo, thought leaders conclave, awards, showstoppers (product launch), Bengaluru tech exchange, startup zone, global innovation zone, tech tutorials, a poster exhibit, B2B meetings, a global hackathon, drone racing and more.

Many technology products and services are being launched on a daily basis, but very few actually reach their intended audience or are able to secure product coverage. This is a great opportunity for technology companies to demo or launch their product and gain global exposure. With limited slots available, it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis only.

The power-packed evening will also recognise companies by bestowing them with various awards.

  • The IT Export Awards rewards companies based on their performance and contribution to the industry.
  • The Bio Excellence Awards offers individuals and companies with a platform to showcase their contribution and value addition in the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology.
  • The Exhibitor Awards recognises the best designed and informative booth.
  • The Poster Awards are for the most original or innovative idea presented during the programme.

So, what are you waiting for?  Attend the Bengaluru Tech Summit to network and gain insights into products and services that push the boundaries of what’s possible for your business’ growth.

Source: Yourstory

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