Can US bettors play at online casinos in Canada?

Can US bettors play at online casinos in Canada?

For American gamblers who live in states where the activity is yet to have been regulated and legalized, one of the only options that they have in order to be able to try and enjoy one of their favorite activities is to look and use offshore sites.

Indeed, the laws are rather strict when it comes down to the way in which U.S. bettors are able to participate in online wagering activities, although they are slowly starting to change, with more and more states seemingly opening up and embracing the industry.

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However, with it being a rather slow process for some, many have looked for alternatives, such as the use of an offshore operator in order to enjoy one of their passions.

Canadian law, on the other hand, is something that falls within a grey area, as the law does not explicitly prohibit the practice of betting via the Internet, hence why so many are already making the most of the best online casino in Canada that they can use. However, the law does state that a service needs to be licensed or owned by a provincial government in order to be considered legal.

Can American bettors play at online casinos in Canada?

This is a rather tricky question to answer and one that can actually provide a number of different answers, despite being just one question, due to the number of considerations that need to be taken into account.

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One of the very first things that bettors will need to work and find out is whether the offshore casino in Canada will actually accept players from the United States. With the various different licenses that are available, it can be a bit of a minefield when trying to work out. Perhaps as an indicator, those that have obtained a UKGC or an MGA license might need to be avoided, as they are solely protections for players based in Europe.

Would a VPN work?

Some might ask the question regarding the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tool to help them bypass any restrictions that may be in place, however whilst this may work, there will be a number of potential problems that may be encountered when trying to withdraw any winnings that may be acquired.

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Some casino operators may want a document that shows proof of address or something that links their banking details. If these are American and the Canadian casino does not accept players from the U.S. then there is not much that can be done.

Is it best to wait for regulation?

It could certainly be argued that it might be best for American bettors to wait a little longer and hope that the state that they reside in decides to regulate the iGaming industry in the near future and allow them to enjoy their favorite betting activities.

Whilst many offshore casinos such as those that are available to play in Canada can be extremely safe and provide some of the very best experiences possible throughout the entire industry, it can become a rather big hassle for players if they do not accept players from the United States of America.

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Indeed, whilst the laws are confusing and can be considered a little tricky to try and understand and navigate, there is nothing that will really prevent Americans from being able to use online casinos in Canada, despite legality issues. However, it is important to check whether they actually accept players from south of the border, otherwise, it could become a rather frustrating experience extremely quickly.

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