From exploring Japanese cuisine beyond sushi to Mohammad Azharuddin’s take on T20 – your weekend fix


Chumbak’s co-founder and CEO Vivek Prabhakar is inspired by a lens-eye view of the world. His downtime, when he is not ideating for his quirky brand, is spent in photography, which has taught the founder the value of patience. In his opinion, photography is the perfect downtime over the weekend. While cooking is more an everyday activity, photography has become an escape from everything else for him. He has begun to carve time out from his schedule to spend time improving his skills and attending photography retreats across the country.

Vivek Prabhakar, Co-founder and CEO, Chumbak, is a true shutterbug

With the Karnataka Premier League Season Six underway, here’s a YS Weekender exclusive with cricketing legend Mohammad Azharuddin. We caught up with Mohammad Azharuddin, former Indian cricket team captain and the brand ambassador of Bijapur Bulls, who were the runners-up last year. On being asked his take on the T20 format, the veteran said that the format has definitely produced a lot of very good players and given them instant recognition who would have otherwise taken at least two-year years to make their mark. He thinks T20 is here to stay.

Mohammad Azharuddin thinks T20 is here to stay

There are so many beautiful delicacies from Japan that you must try out. Let’s step back and understand them, says our food columnist Ajit Saldanha. Many moons ago there was just one sushi restaurant in Bengaluru. Today, there are nearly a dozen Japanese restaurants but try as hard as they can they never quite attain the standard of sushi and sashimi served in the humblest ryokan from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Next time, don’t just settle for a California roll, because there is more to Japanese cuisine than the westernised sushi.

Zapyle’s Rashi Menda: Correct inspiration, shopping smarts and good accessories will make your personal style come alive. Why is it that when women open their closets every morning to pick out an outfit they are left puzzling over which one to wear, despite having many to choose from? This is why Rashi started Zapyle to help women keep on top of fashion trends and embrace pre-owned clothing. YS Weekender caught up with Rashi recently for some tips, tricks and advice on how to spice up our wardrobe and get rid of ‘I have nothing to wear’ days once and for all.

Zapyle’s Rashi Menda started Zapyle to help women keep on top of fashion trends and embrace pre-owned clothing.

Travel lovers say that August is the best month to travel because the prices are the lowest. Why not spend your vacation brushing up on world history? Here’s how to travel back in time and check out some of world’s most popular historic destinations.

The world is your oyster if you want to learn some history in the backdrop of a relaxing holiday

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