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Hari Menon, Co-Founder and CEO of BigBasket, loves to listen to music, sing his heart out on his karaoke machine, play his guitar and spend time in The Jam Room, his son’s music studio. Hari Menon also loves cricket. If there is a cricket match in Bengaluru, he likes to watch it at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Music and cricket are his two big stress busters. Here is the other side of Hari Menon, best known for his entrepreneurship journey with BigBasket.

There is not a single cricket fan in this country who does not know Gaurav Kapur. Then there are others who mostly remember him as the very friendly VJ from Channel V. Recall him as you may, Gaurav Kapur is a household name, and his new series – Breakfast with Champions – just reinforces that familiarity. In an exclusive interview, Gaurav Kapur speaks about his journey from being a radio jockey to his very popular show, Breakfast with Champions.

Gaurav Kapur

Stress is one of the biggest problems in our workplaces. Work and finances are the key reasons people attribute their stress to. But workplaces, you may argue, have always been stressful. Today, however, the problem of stress has been accentuated by the ubiquity of social media and electronic communication. It is time to fight our stress-triggers, find the root of our problems and maintain a state of work-life balance.

Work and finances are the key reasons people attribute their stress to

India’s biggest comic fan festival, Comic Con 2018 will be held in Bengaluru this year on November 17 and 18. YS Weekender caught up Jatin Varma, Founder and Managing Director, Comic Con India, for a curtain raiser on the event. Jatin talks about the highlights of the event this year and its journey so far.

Comic Con 2018 will be held in Bengaluru on November 17 and 18

In the column Buddha in Business, the writers address the eighth building block called Channels, which is nothing but all the places your customer can buy your products. It could be online, from a portal or an app. You could have your own vending portal or it could be available on third party ecommerce portals such as Amazon or Flipkart. The column describes all the channels where your customer can find your product.

Buddha in Business

Deepti Kat represents the new generation entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian economy. She has an international liberal education and is a product of the London School of Economics. She spent time working in blue chip corporates and five consulting firms before deciding to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Now 29, she owns a bar and restaurant – Lady Baga in Bengaluru and is currently looking at what’s next for her. We get to know more about the young entrepreneur, her heroes, her regrets and all her favourite things.

Deepti Kat, Co-founder, Lady Baga

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