How Often Do Customers Use Credit Cards In Casinos?

Cash, Credit Cards, Debit cards and Mobile Wallets are different modes of transaction of money that keep the economy moving in a country. A credit card allows the customer an option to buy an item or make a transaction instantly and pay back the money later. This is the reason credit cards are highly lucrative choices of money payment methods. There are about 2.8 billion credit card owners worldwide, according to Shift Credit Card Statistics 2021 Data.

Most consumers use credit cards instead of cash during shopping and an average citizen owns at least four credit cards, as found in the 2019 Experian Consumer Credit Review. Due to the easy, cashless nature of the transaction, a credit card is one of the most favoured ways of spending money in gambling. This article will be a search to find out the reasons for utilizing credit cards during gambling and the frequency of usage of credit cards by the players.

Can Visa or MasterCard be Used During Gambling?

There are four major credit card businesses globally that offer credit cards. These are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. From the published data of Shift Credit Card Statistics, it is seen that 40% of citizens use credit cards for purchases. Visa shares over half of the global credit card market. Payment during gambling can be made using Visa or Mastercard, but credit cards are still not the acceptable medium of spending money by many financial institutions like Banks. Certain determining factors are:

  1. Gambling venue: The location of the gambling venues is important in selecting the mode of payment. There are several developing countries where a credit card is not even the primary medium of transaction and is not owned by the majority of people.

  2. Banks issuing credit cards: There are few banks that issue credit cards and even fewer banks accept credit cards for payment while gambling.

  3. Regulations and Laws: In many of the states of the U.S. and in many other countries due to the strict regulations over gambling, credit card payment is not favoured by the customers.

  4. Online gambling: In the usual brick-and-mortar casinos, credit cards are not accepted; instead cash is the only way of money transaction.

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When Credit Cards Are Used In Casino Sites?

Credit cards are used for buying lottery tickets, buying scratch cards and also for payment at credit card casino websites listed here, poker sites, sportsbooks, and fantasy sports sites. However, the most favourable method of payment for online gambling is using e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill etc.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards during gambling. These are listed in the next column:

Advantages of Using a Credit Card At Casinos

  • Credit Card Bonus: Credit card issuers offer credit card bonuses for new credit card owners. Bonuses starting from $200 to $500 are proposed to credit card consumers with good credit card points, upon spending a certain sum of money.

  • Reward Points: Credit card companies provide bonus reward points to credit card owners. These reward points are forwarded for specific categories like travel, merchandise and gift cards so that customers can use credit cards and easily avail the facilities.

  • Instant payment: Payment by credit card is devoid of the need for carrying lump-sum money and payment can be made anywhere, anywhere, making the process simple and convenient.

  • Cash Back: 2-5% of the amount purchased is refunded to the account of the consumers as cash-back offers, allowing them to use credit cards more often.

  • Flyer Cards: Card-owners are also offered extra miles for flying on selected airlines based on the miles or rewards earned.

  • Universally Accepted Mode: Credit cards are accepted globally, therefore making them one of the most used methods of money transaction.

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Disadvantages of Using a Credit card for Casino Payments

  • High-Interest Rate: A high-interest charge is levied on credit cards used for gambling as compared to regular credit cards, which certainly is a disadvantage.

  • Limited Grace Period: There is a certain grace period of time limit for repaying the money back, which is generally 15-20 days, failing which penalties and other charges are imposed on credit-card users.

  • Some Banks May Have Gambling Transaction Banned: It happens that financial institutions sometimes may block gambling payments. For example, Revolut plans to ban credit card gambling and some other banks have already done this.

  • Fees for Cash Advance: 3-5% of the amount of cash advance is deducted as cash advance fees by credit card companies.

  • Absence of Credit Card Reward for Gambling: Credit card companies might not consider gambling suitable for reward points; hence reward points cannot be enjoyed by credit card consumers during gambling.

  • Limited Credit: The credit limit of the credit card owner is regulated by the credit-card issuers, which cannot be exceeded and has to be within a certain range.


A credit card is a modern electronic method of money payment and can be used for varieties of purposes. Credit Cards might also be used during gambling. However, a balanced, careful approach should be taken while using a credit card for gambling. Other modes like debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers alongside credit card payments are to be selected and assessed for safe and secure money transactions during gambling.

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