Indian startup makes it to German sports accelerator; bike/taxi startups tackling congestion


Live sports social engagement platform Rooter has been chosen to be a part of the 2018 ‘leAD Sports Accelerator Program’. Among the 10 startups that were chosen for the programme, Rooter is the only one from India. Rooter is a sports social gaming platform that connects sports fans and engages them during live matches. It offers ‘live’ match prediction games, fantasy games and sports social feed across eight sports and even allows fans to interact with each other during matches with live scores and commentary.

Piyush Kumar, CEO, Rooter

It’s not uncommon to be given candies instead of change if you’re shopping in India. While we are all accustomed to it at some level, Kumar Abhishek’s friend from overseas found it bizarre. This had the techiewho has worked with Infosys and Mindtree, stop and think. Kumar joined hands with friend Vivek Kumar Singh and started ToneTag to offer contactless payments that use sound waves to enable offline payments from one device to another. 

Kumar Abhishek and Vivek Kumar Singh, founders of ToneTag

Struggling with last-mile connectivity in your increasingly congested city? Check out these bike-taxi and scooter-sharing startups that are a great alternative to renting a cab or taking an autorickshaw. Not only are they cheaper alternatives, they’re also easy to book and get you to your destination faster.

Workplace harassment can take many forms beyond just sexual harassment. It is an area that is gaining visibility due to the impact it has on overall organisational culture as well as employee well-being. It is the single most important reason for work-related stress. Viji Hari, Co-founder and CEO of Kelp HR, tells you five essential steps you must take if you’re facing any type of harassment at work.

With the increasing incidence of many lifestyle diseases, naturopathy is fast becoming a much-sought-after alternative method of treatment. What perhaps works in its favour is that it is based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, through diet control, exercise and massage. Dr Rukamani Nair, founder of the BNCHY Wellness Medispa, is a pioneer in the field of naturopathy and a first-generation entrepreneur. She explains to us the various benefits of naturopathy.

Dr Rukamani Nai

Source: Yourstory


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