4 ways you can leverage AR and VR


In the age of tremendous technological growth, AR and VR truly stand out. With retailers and industrialists trying to increase their productivity, leveraging AR and VR could be the way forward.

AR and VR are two concepts that enable its users to experience an event or surroundings without the need to be physically present in it. AR and VR hold the ability to submerge an individual in an artificially created environment, isolating them from any external interference. AR and VR are technologies tht are being adopted worldwide by numerous industries and it is estimated that the market size of AR and VR is increasing from 6.1 billion US dollars in 2016 to reach an estimated 215 billion US dollars in 2021. With the portrayal of such exciting statistics, industries are finding ways through which they can try leveraging AR and VR in their workplace. By doing so, businesses can focus on improving customer experience and providing quality services. Here are four ways you can try leveraging AR and VR in your company:

1. Leveraging AR and VR in gaming

Games are an integral part of fitness and entertainment goals across the globe. Pokémon Go can be one of the latest examples that displayed how a gaming a company was leveraging AR and VR. By positioning numerous spots that had to be covered physically in search of a specific Pokémon, users engaged in the game and were excited to discover Pokémon from almost every corner in their vicinity. One of the features that made Pokémon go popular is its ability to overlay the virtual world over the real world.

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2. Leveraging AR and VR in driving

When teaching people how to drive and explaining them the importance of driving safely following traffic rules becomes crucial. When training the drivers on a real vehicle, the chances of an accident cannot be ignored. Giving driving lessons with technologies such as AR and VR in such a manner that the driver is simulated to learn how they would be driving and what conditions would lead to accidental circumstances becomes possible. Training a vehicle driver is not the only area where these technologies can be used; AR and VR can also be used to train pilots. These gadgets can help simulate flying conditions for pilots to teach them about how it is to fly a plane at supersonic speeds and the steps that need to be taken under adverse circumstances.

3. Leveraging AR and VR in shopping

Retailers realize the importance of leveraging AR and VR in their workplaces to help them increase their sales and enhance the customer experience. Applications are developing in such a manner that with the help of a smartphone, customers can see what would look the best on them with the help of AR.

VR, on the other hand, is useful when users wish to know how certain devices and services will behave when placed in an office or a home. This artificial display of services helps companies to portray the operations of their products without the need for a customer to buy it first.

4. Leveraging AR and VR in education

Education is a sector that can be affected positively with the transformation that is brought by AR and VR. With these technologies, museum visits become entertaining for students. AR and VR will allow students to point their phones at a certain replica and all the details about it shall display on the student’s smart device. Such detailed description not only allows students to have increased interest in history but also enables schools to enhance the interest of students in certain subjects.

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As technology is moving at such an astounding pace, companies are continually trying to leverage different technologies in the workforce to grow as a whole. After determining how other companies are leveraging AR and VR, a business must find ways through which these technologies can become applicable in their organization.

Naveen Joshi

Founder and CEO of Allerin. Works in Big Data, IoT , AI and Blockchain.


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