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Sure there’s an app or two for availing every comfort the human mind can conceive. Every product and service that we know or not know of, can be availed at a single click. As much as we would like to think otherwise, the Internet drives our lives in more ways than one. We are driven every second of the day by social media and its never-ending shenanigans. Call it muck or magic, we are all in it together. Scrolling, swiping and clicking our way through it, consuming content at a crazy rate.

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that online marketing is the best form of marketing.

Yet, print marketing is still a very important part of your marketing plan.

Here are 5 reasons why your brand still needs that brochure, flyer, poster, or report to engage with different user groups.

1. Diminishing, not dead.

Print media may have experienced an enormous setback in the last decade, but one it still plays a huge role in successfully reaching every stratum of your target audience. There is still a large group of people that is not hopelessly addicted to their gadgets, and prefer downing their morning tea with their newspaper.

2) Seems legit

You don’t trust everything that you see online”

Because of the ephemeral nature of the online medium and lack of serious regulation, people tend to trust the printed word a lot more, although legit brands command a high level of trust even online. Moreover, a  printed piece placed in any corner of the house can be picked back and reread over and over.

3) Two is always better than one.

By having a bit of both types of marketing, you will be reaching the highest amount of people possible. Some will not look on the internet for ideas, and some no longer take an interest in anything sent out in print. It is important that we cater to both the types.

4) Up for grabs. Always!

It has to be accepted that some people just want information that they can preserve. It can be filed away and not lost in the ether. It is always easier to preserve and track a printed material as compared to information that’s available online. Moreover takeaways and brochures always come in handy when you want to order in quickly or make a note of a specific piece of information.

5) You can always “skip ad” but ignoring something that you hold in your hand is hard to ignore.

Online media gives people the choice to consume the content they wish.Print media marketing maybe old school, but quite evidently gives your brand an upper hand as compared to those who don’t resort to print media marketing at all.

The road to success in print publicity starts from a very well-thought out strategy, followed by great design and intelligent placement. Once you have this holy trinity in place, you can see a huge dividend from your efforts.

Reverse Thought Creative Studio has been helping brands succeed both online and offline through an intelligent mix of strategy, communication and design for over a decade. If you are looking for ways to reach your audience in interesting ways, give us a shout and we will bring out our drawing boards for you.

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