6 Tips on Managing a Remote Team

Work From Home (WFH) has become more than just a trend. It is a necessity. It has its own pros and cons. The challenges like lack of face-to-face supervision and social isolation are adding to the woes of this crazy pandemic. So if you are someone managing/ working on a remote team this list of tips will help you set up yourself and your team for success:

Schedule Daily Catch-ups

This may seem like overkill, but for managers and teams who are still new to remote work, this is the key. Emails, phone calls only go so far. Use video conferencing tools to be able to have a more profound connection. When the team sees you and can see the team it is much easier to communicate. Our facial expressions and gestures communicate a lot more effectively.


Utilize Technology well

By now, most of us have adopted the digital way of life. Tools like Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams provide platforms to take care of point 1. It can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but once fully adopted, it is a fantastic way to support engagement strategies. And just for getting stuff done!


Establish Rules of Engagement

Remote work becomes more efficient when managers set policies relating to expectations about the frequency, means, and ideal timing of communication for their teams. Just like there is a code of conduct with colleagues in a physical space so should be when work is taking place virtually. For example, “Use Zoom for daily check-in video meetings, but WhatsApp when something is urgent.” Also, set expectations on appropriate timings of a day for team members to reach each team member. Ensure smooth sharing of information as needed.


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Exhibit Flexibility

Be understanding. The situation out there is grim. In the present environment, people have a lot going on. Everyone’s environment at home is different. Do not look upon that as an excuse for not getting things done. Regular 9-5 work hours are also probably out for many people. Exhibit faith and give them the freedom and flexibility to get work done on the schedule that helps them be the most productive.


Encourage Virtual Social Interactions

Many of you have heard of virtual hangouts types of events: virtual happy hours, pizza parties, and recognition sessions. And they can get a bit forced if done too frequently but if done the right way can fulfill their purpose well. The best way is to not have special Zoom calls dedicated to it, rather carving out time during already scheduled meetings for non-work-related conversations and activities. T


Mentor Instead of “Manage”

The best managers mentor more than they “manage.” Try to understand the nuances and differences between the disciplines of leadership and management. And just because we are in the midst of some tough times our efforts in developing our teams – and ourselves should not come to a pause. Sometimes that can require outside help in terms of Executive Coaching or Training. Go for it!

Article By: By Dr. Anshul Dhingra, India’s 1st SME Coach Certified By World Legend Brian Tracy, Founder – MSME Centre of Excellence

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