After Iron Man, meet the new superhero in town – “Captain Snooze”.

Still OD-ing on Endgame and just how exuberant it was? Do you too consider yourself the biggest fan of our beloved cinematic and comic superheroes? Oh the nostalgia…the superhero life chose us! It is a part of our childhood that we’re still living on today…isn’t it?
From everyone’s first love – Iron man to Captain America, from the mighty Thor to the heart-melting Hulk…from the badass wonder woman to enigmatic Spider Man himself…superheroes are what the kids of 80s, 90s, and the millennial today all adore alike!
The excitement…the pure love…and attachment we feel for each character! And how closely we’ve observed their lives revolve! What if someone tells you that now you can have your own superhero with you at all times? Sounds downright ridiculous right?
No, we’re not talking about a magical lamp and genie’s three wishes here nor is this any sort of a scam. Behold and meet the one and only – the newest superhero on the block – ‘Captain Snooze’!
Sounds like a big fat joke? Wait till you learn more and the superhero fanatic in you shall thank us for years to come…
So who is this new crazy great captain snooze?
The newest superhero entrant into the world – captain snooze is finally here to protect something that is indeed most important to mankind…yes you guessed it right! Our SLEEP!
Say no to insomnia and troubled sleeping patterns…those late hours that turn into dawn counting sheep…and those heart-wrenching nightmares of ghosts or even unpaid bills and door-knocking grades! Yes, now sleep and snooze – only well and comfy. Captain snooze is here after all to answer all your sleeping worries.
How did it all begin?
Well… It was dark times. Inhabitants of the sleep-deprived earth were being gnawed away by water goons, bed bugs and allergens. Captain Snooze even though the clumsiest superhero ever – was a good soul. He was also extremely good at one thing i.e. sleeping (wait…he’s also great at eating and laundering around)!
Captain Snooze’s heart reached out to his snoozeville townies. He, after all, loves to share his adoration and knowledge of sleep with all. He decided to deliver sleep solutions for his fellow snoozevilles. And from this stemmed the ultra fab ‘Captain Snooze Super Sleep Merchandise!’
So what are we going on about exactly? Captain Snooze has created your own magical carpet to manifest only snoozey dreams. This magical sheet takes away all the venomous bodies from your sleeping bed forever! And what is this magical sheet all about? It’s captain Snooze’s own dry shield mattress protector.
No, don’t you dare commit the heinous blunder of comparing this super-hero created protector with those others in the market! That is if you’d still like to be able to sleep at night safe away from the wrath of Captain Snooze!
The Captain Snooze protector most definitely possesses superpowers that set it apart from the rest! Here is Captain Snooze’s secret recipe to make your world go round:

  • Designed and manufactured only in the USA
  • fabricated in 100% cotton terry i.e. super soft to touch and drowse in
  • 200 GSM fabric i.e. 33% + more absorbent (say bye to mattress stains)

What’s more? Vinyl free, waterproof and truly from the dreamland – it shall protect your mattress just like a superhero! The top layer also regulates your body temperature to make you all the more eased out. Noiseless and easy to breathe in. And did we mention the 100% lifetime guarantee? Yes, that’s the power of this magical sheet that makes it superbly better than all other protectors you shall ever come across!
Designed especially to protect your mattress from accidents (think coffee spillages and those bad time of the month stains). What about ensuring the best sleep care for your little baby? The superabsorbent feature keeps the little one’s bed dry for longer periods. It checks urine from easily seeping into the mattress.
Not only the youngest but even for the eldest in the family, these super-powered protectors are excellent against allergens, dust mites and bacteria! Get Captain Snooze at home today for the elderly to enjoy comfortable hours of rest at night.
Yes, captain snooze products possess superpowers that ensure you sound sleep and beautiful dreams! The mattress protector is just the beginning. Be drowsy and sleep tight with his family of products. From comfy mattresses to snooze bomb pillows – these products shall strike your sleeping experience a notch higher!
So we’re saying…now if this isn’t super-hero worthy cool…what is? Sleep tight with Captain Snooze protection today!

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