Apple will reveal its new iPhones on September 12


It’s official: After another year’s worth of rumors and speculation, Apple will reveal its next batch of iPhones on September 12 at 10AM PDT. The reveal will happen at the Steve Jobs Theater within Apple’s circular headquarters, which is probably what the big bronze circle on the invite is all about.

That said, that’s also where last year’s iPhone X was revealed, so we’re not sure why Apple is emphasizing the new campus on the logo this time around; perhaps there will be some news surrounding Apple Park this time.

Based on current rumors, we’re expecting three iPhones: an update to the current 5.8-inch iPhone X, a more expensive 6.5 inch model, and a lower-end 6.2-inch model.

The 6.5-inch phone’s key differentiating feature will be its ability to run apps side-by-side, like a miniscule iPad. It’ll likely pack a bigger battery and perhaps have other performance advantages over the smaller model.

Credit: Martin Hajek/iDropNews
A concept of the 6.2-inch iPhone by iDropNews. That said, it’s currently believed the iPhone Xc will only have one rear camera.

But it’s the 6.2-inch model that has caught the attention of many. Although it’s bigger than the mainstream iPhone X, it’s expected to arrive at a lower price point thanks to cheaper materials; According to Bloomberg, it’ll still have small bezels with Face ID on board, but will use an LCD display and an aluminum casing rather than steel to reduce costs. It may also only have one rear camera instead of the two that’s now become standard. Basically, it’s made for the people who bought an iPhone 8 last year because the iPhone X was too expensive.

This phone is also expected to arrive in a variety of vibrant colors – remember the iPhone 5c? – which is a welcome change of pace. I’m getting a little tired of gray, white, and gold every year.

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We’re also expecting Apple to announce new Macs this year, but it’s not clear if these will launch at the iPhone event. There’s reportedly a MacBook Air replacement, one that brings a Retina display while still reaching below the $1000 price point. Meanwhile, the Mac Mini will see a big performance update aimed, purportedly aimed at pro users. Any update would be welcome though – the mini hasn’t received an update very nearly four years.

Apple often leaves Mac updates for a few weeks after announcing new iPhones, but given we’re expecting major redesigns, the company might choose to showcase its lineup all at once. In any case, it’s only a couple of weeks until we find out.

Source: The Next Web


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