Arduino kits can turn anyone into an electronics whiz. Find out how for over 90% off


Every kid would like to imagine they can whip themselves up a cool piece of James Bond-style tech in a pinch. While palm-sized lasers and X-ray glasses are probably out of reach for now, you might be surprised how many electronic gadgets are within reach of a kid just starting to dig into circuit boards and transistors and such.

Arduino is leading the way on that score with electronics starter kits that can help inquisitive minds start building circuits and ultimately, some pretty cool projects. Right now, you can get all the foundation you need to be a technical whiz with the Complete Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle, on sale now for $89 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.

The Arduino Starter Kit includes dozens of boards, LEDs, sensors, buzzers and more, along with detailed instructions to get any student underway. There’s no soldering and no previous technical know-how needed to get you started assembling basic circuitry projects.

That’s where the six additional courses come in. After beginning with simple programming and basic tinkering like creating a basic motion sensor, your training takes off as you walk through building cooler stuff like an ultrasonic sensor, your own weather station, a phone and more. You’ll even advance to building your own wheeled robot.

Your courses include:

  • Crazy About Arduino: End-to-End Workshop Level 1 (an $89.99 value)
  • Crazy About Arduino: End-to-End Workshop Level 2 (an $89.99 value)
  • Crazy About Arduino: End-to-End Workshop Level 3 (a $149.99 value)
  • Make An Arduino Robot  (a $99.99 value)
  • Mastering Arduino By Building Real-World Applications (a $19.99 value)
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From a great gift for smart youngsters to serious real-world training for a career in electronics, the Arduino Starter Kit and coursework normally cost over $600. But with this limited time deal, the entire package is available for just $89.

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