Beat Saber developer planning 30 more songs for DLC


Still enjoying Beat Saber on your Rift, Vive, or now on PSVR? Well that’s good, because there’s plenty of new content on the way.

During a livestream celebrating this week’s launch of the PSVR version of the VR hit (which you can see below), Beat Games talked about its plans for adding new songs. The team said it’s already planning to add 30 news songs across three upcoming DLC packs (10 tracks a pack). The developer said each of these packs should cost around $9.99 and will hopefully arrive “soon”. The first pack is apparently locked in and the second is nearing completion.

“And this is not just regular songs,” said Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck. “I think you will be really excited for these coming because the quality is really the best part for us so I’m trying to get really interesting music.” He assured that these new packs won’t just include songs from “major labels” but also more independent creators.

“So basically the whole thing with the music is that it will evolve. Like the whole game, it will evolve pretty rapidly,” said Beck. He talked about the struggles the team had faced getting new music into the game thus far, including scrapping plans for Spotify support which that found out was legally “not possible”.

“We are trying to search for options on how to make more tracks and more songs,” Beck added, also noting that packs with certain themes like K-Pop may also tweak the game’s visuals somewhat to better suit the music. As for the Level Editor and Multiplayer modes? They’re still very much on the way, the developer says. Just hold out a little longer, Beat Saber fans.

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Source: VentureBeat

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