Can you deliver the ad personalization your customers demand? (VB Live)

Remember in 2012, when Target hit the headlines because an angry father marched into a retail location and demanded to know why his teenage daughter was getting advertisements for baby stuff? Turns out the company’s predictive marketing and advertising algorithms were so good the company was able to accurately determine whether a customer was pregnant, even if the customer was actively hiding that information.
Creepy, terrible — but also kind of the holy grail of ad personalization, right? In this particular case, because baby retail is big, big business, and if you engage and grab a shopper around-about their second trimester, you have a very loyal, very long-term customer.
So there’s a fine line. Customers are increasingly happy to hand over their data if it means that the ads you serve them are hyper-personalized, tailored to their tastes, their values, and their preferences. They’ll start clicking and they’ll keep clicking, allowing you to gather even more data about their browsing and shopping history, making your advertisers’ hearts happy and refining that algorithm all the way down to the finest grains. But you also have to be really careful about crossing over into creeper territory (and possibly ending as a headline that gets consumers wondering how much personal data is too much data to share).
Companies like Pandora are nailing that balance, and finding new and better ways to serve up personalization, including its new range of audio ads that serve up dynamic hyperpersonalization in real time to its listeners. Pandora collects a broad range of data on its loyal listeners, from the usual demographic info to the weather that correlates to music choices and genres. They have found that a listener’s taste in music can reflect their income along with a host of other key factors. From there, they can serve millions of individualized permutations of particular audio ads for its clients.
And that’s just the tip of what you can do with ad personalization, as AI and machine learning grows more sophisticated even as off-the-shelf AI products and platforms make it completely accessible to companies of every size.
To learn more about why ad personalization should be near the top of your monetization strategy list, the approaches that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line, and how not to be creepy — plus get inspired by more real-world, real-company use cases — don’t miss this VB Live event!
Attend this webinar and learn about:

  • How to offer your customers ad content that connects to their lifestyle and tastes
  • The intersection between art and science in the new world of hyper-personalized advertising
  • How to hype-rpersonalize without creeping out your customers
  • Best practices companies like Pandora and Trulia use to create authenticity and bring in more revenue


  • David Hardtke, Director of Advertising Science, Pandora
  • Deep Varma, VP of Engineering Trulia
  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

Source: VentureBeat
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