Civilization VI: Gathering Storm makes the environment your enemy


Firaxis announced the next expansion for its strategy game Civilization VI today. Gathering Storm is coming February 14 and will focus on natural disasters — so it’s just like your other Valentine’s Days.

Civilization VI launched on October 21 for PC. It has since come to mobile and Switch. Gathering Storm will be the second expansion. Rise and Fall came out earlier this year on February 8.

You can watch the debut trailer for the expansion above.

Natural disasters will not happen randomly. You’ll have an idea of how often a volcano will erupt or a river will overflow. The game will also make it clear when certain events are likely to happen. Your actions will also impact the world. Burning a lot of fossil fuels will increase global warming, which can make disasters more probable.

World Congress is also returning as a feature from Civilization V. This is Civilization’s take on the United Nations. You can use World Congress to request aid following a disaster. You can also earn diplomatic favors through playing the game that you can use in World Congress to gain extra votes. World Congress also opens up the Diplomatic Victory. If you have enough votes, your civilization can win through this path.

Source: VentureBeat

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