Common Interview Mistakes and How to Prevent them


Becoming one of the few “job candidates” rather than being part of the usually gigantic crowd of “job applicants” is a major victory.

The next step is acing that interview and getting closer to being hired. However, too many people blow it up at this crucial point due to some common mistakes which usually puts off their potential employers.

Here are some common mistakes people tend to make during an interviews which you might want to prevent.

Before The Big Day.

An interview is like a test of your skills and abilities. Something you sure don’t want to appear unprepared for. So It’s advisable to do your homework beforehand.

Make sure you are thorough with all the concepts and present trends related to your present job. Also do a background research on your potential employers. Let the interviewer not stump you with a simple question like “What do you know about our company?“.

Background information including company history, locations, divisions and a mission statement are available in an “About Us” section on most company websites. Review it ahead of time, then print it out and read it over just before your interview to refresh your memory. Also check the company’s LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, if they have one.

Also do go through your resume once to make sure you have answers to anything they may ask regarding it.

Do get a good nights sleep before the interview and dress up in your professional best on the day of the interview, your first impression is the best impression you will make.

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During The Interview

Showing Up For The Interview

First things first, make sure you arrive on time for your interview. Don’t be late as it will portray you as careless and rude to the interviewer, showing up earlier than 15 minutes will not help as well as now the interviewer may have to adjust his/her schedule due to you. If you are late, make sure you have a valid reason for it and do offer to cut your interview short so that the interviewer’s schedule is not disturbed. If you are too early, take a stroll outside the office building to kill time.

Checking Your Temper.

No employer wants to employ an angry employee, they are not fun to work with and also might be dangerous to both coworkers and equipment. So stop, before you enter the employer’s premises, take a few deep breaths, put a smile on your face, and do your best to switch gears mentally so you are not “in a bad place” in your mind.

Switch Off Your Mobile Phone

This is the basic gesture which you must follow during any interview or meeting as it shows respect to the time the interviewer has invested in you.

Maintain A Positive Body Language

Be clear when you speak, Give a firm handshake and always maintain eye contact. Showing confidence during an interview will do wonders for you. Also show enthusiasm for your job and the company.

Ask the Right Questions at The Right Time

To show your enthusiasm for the job, make sure the interview is not one way traffic with you always answering to your interviewer and do prepare some questions on your own. Raging from Details about your job to how your day will be like during office hours. Refrain from asking too much about salary and job perks, specially during the initial stages of the interview.

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Do Not Criticize your Former Employers.

No matter how much you hated your previous job due to any reason. Do not bad mouth your previous organisation during an interview. Keep your anger on your previous employers to yourself and only rant about your previous job to friends or family. Your interviewer is least interested in it and may leave an impression of you as a negative person.

Bonus Point

Do make sure you don’t zone out or appear uninterested for the job. Concentrate fully on the interview and do not think of anything else during this time. Also do not talk too much or too little during the interview.

After The interview

Congratulations, you just completed an interview and are probably feeling like calling it a day. But the job is not yet in your hands. Do remember to ask for a contact number from your employers so as to keep a tab on the progress of your job offer. also send a thank you note to each person who interviewed you, the external recruiter, if one was involved, or the employee or networking contact who referred you for the opportunity, if you were referred. Just as a kind gesture thanking them for their time and efforts.

All the best with your Interview!

Pranav Kutralingam

Student at SRM University. AI and ML enthusiast.


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