Crypto-wallet Coinomi delists Gulden coin after botched update


Cryptocurrency wallet Coinomi will delist NLG – a token issued by blockchain startup Gulden – after Gulden botched a software update that purportedly crashed some of Coinomi’s servers.

In a blog post published this morning, Coinomi announced NLG will be removed from its wallet in two weeks.

It appears that the latest Gulden updated broke some servers that Coinomi uses to deliver its service.

When Coinomi devs reached out for assistance, they were met with a hostile and unhelpful reception from Gulden’s team.

“Our immediate calls for assistance at their github [sic] were met with hostile and unhelpful comments – after a while, our request was even tagged as “off topic,” closed and the offensive messages removed by the author,” the blog post reads. “We were shocked to receive an even more aggressive reply from them in our Support the next day.”

Sell, sell, sell

In a tweet yesterday, Coinomi advised its customers to transfer their NLG coins to another wallet before the coin is delisted.

If Coinomi customers do not move their Gulden before it is delisted coins will not be lost forever. But it’s probably easier to just move the digital asset before it is removed from the exchange.

NLG holders can find instructions how to move their coins on the Coinomi blog.

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While it is pretty common for exchange services to delist tokens, it’s not all that common wallets will drop support for certain coins. Rather than losing funds, delisting a coin from a wallet essentially means you need to find another software interface (read wallet) to move the funds. Of course, you will need your private key to do that.

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