Dropbox Transfer lets you easily send up to 100GB files to anyone

Dropbox has announced a new desktop file-transfer service that makes it easy to send up to 100GB of files to anyone using a simple link.
Dropbox Transfer, as the service is known, is available today in beta, though you will be added to a waiting list at first pending the company’s approval.
With Dropbox Transfer, the company will allow users to drag-and-drop files from their machine, or add items that are already stored in their Dropbox account (which will be quicker given that they’re already in the cloud). They will then be able to set an expiry date and password (which can be edited or removed at a later point) and share a link with anyone — regardless of whether they use Dropbox.
Alternatively, the sender can generate an email automatically from inside the Transfer tool, which will send a link to all the intended recipients.

dropbox transfer lets you easily send up to 100gb files to anyone

Above: Creating a Dropbox Transfer

There are, of course, other similar tools out there, including the likes of WeTransfer and Mozilla’s Firefox Send. And Dropbox itself already allows users to share files with non-Dropbox users via a link, which also includes the ability to set passwords and expiry dates for paid users. But with Transfer, Dropbox is leveraging its position as a cloud storage giant to expand the scope of its service to existing customers, and will include additional features that will appeal to businesses.
For example, the sender can access stats, which show how often a link has been clicked on and how many downloads it has had, and they can also elect to receive a download notification each time someone accesses the files.

dropbox transfer lets you easily send up to 100gb files to anyone

Above: Viewing Dropbox Transfer stats

Companies can also customize the download page to suit their brand — adding their own images or logos, changing the background color, and more.

customizing dropbox transfer

Above: Customizing Dropbox Transfer

Ultimately, Dropbox Transfer is all about letting people send files without having to mess around with special permissions or worry about consuming storage in their online account — they just send the files, stipulate a password and how long the link should be accessible for, and that’s it. It’s also worth noting here that the recipient receives copies of the files, rather than getting access to the original documents.
Dropbox hasn’t given any indication as to whether this service is part of a premium paid offering, though it appears that it probably will be — we’ve reached out to the company and will update when we hear back. We do know that it’s currently open to “select customers” as part of the beta, and that it will be available to all Dropbox users soon.
Source: VentureBeat

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