Fly like Thor in this VR experiment (but have your health insurance ready)


What could be safer than putting on a VR headset, grabbing a motion controller by the wrist strap, and then twirling it above your head to take flight?

WyVRn developer Hamster Ball recently showcased this frankly terrifying new form of VR locomotion, which allows you to whirl a hammer and lift off just like everyone’s favorite Norse Avenger, Thor. You know, Thor? The guy that can fly by having his hammer pull him off (Ragnarok pun intended)? He has a tendency to break everything in sight and, well, this little experiment seems like it has the potential to do the game. And we thought Echo Arena was a safety hazard.

Watch it in action below. There’s also some, um, pelvis swinging for good measure. You’ve been warned.

via Gfycat

Heck, even the developer thinks this is a bad idea. “In fact, I don’t recommend unironic use of this locomotion at all,” he wrote on Reddit. “You’ll hurt someone or break something.”

Yeah, we’ll stick to just playing as Thor in Marvel: Powers United VR, thanks.


Source: VentureBeat

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