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France imposed 9 thousand crores fine on Apple, previously charged for slowing down iPhone on the pretext of update

  • Apple was also fined 200 crores last month, many cases are going on in America.
  • In 2012, an independent premium reseller from Apple accused the company of non-competitive practice

France’s Competition Authority on Monday imposed a fine of US $ 1.2 billion, or about Rs 9,100 crore, on American tech giant Apple. The Competition Authority has imposed this penalty on Apple for its non-competitive behavior towards independent retail distributors, abusing its economic status.

The biggest fine ever imposed on a company in France
According to media reports, Chief of Competition Authority Isabel de Silva said this was the largest fine ever imposed on a company in France. In addition, Apple’s wholesale distributor Tech Data and Ingram Micro have also been fined Euro 140 million. Both of these distributors have been engaged in tandem with Apple to play with the interests of smaller distributors. The authority has said that both these distributors charged the same price from smaller retailers for Apple’s device, at which price the device was available at Apple’s online store or physical store. In 2012, an independent premium reseller from Apple alleged non-competitive practice.

Last month itself, a fine of 200 crores was imposed
Apple was fined in France 25 million euros, or about 200 crore rupees, last month only. The fine was leveled after allegations of deliberately slowing down on the pretext of updating the old iPhone. The investigation was initiated in January 2018 after a complaint by the HOP Association in this case. In this case the company was found guilty of concealing information from iPhone consumers.

Cases of slowing iPhone are also running in America
Apple will pay users $ 500 million (Rs 3,600 crore) to settle the cases of intentionally slowing down the old iPhone. This information came out in documents filed in San Jose district court. According to this, all the affected users of America will be given $ 25-25. However, depending on the number of claims and the amount of legal expenses sanctioned by the court, the amount received by users may be more or less. The court may approve the settlement on 3 April.

After the displeasure of the user and the tech analyst, Apple accepted the mistake
American customers who bought an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus or SE before December 21, 2017 and had a problem with the phone being slow can make claims. Many Apple users and tech analysts complained in December 2017 that their iPhone slowed down after software updates. They said that Apple did this intentionally so that people were forced to buy the latest iPhone.

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