Ghosts will protect your data


Data security is of extreme importance to any organization. Ghost imaging is a unique technique to safeguard the data in your organization.

Data is of utmost importance to any organization as it directly deals with the efficiency of processes in an organization. The information that is stored on the devices of a company range from employee credentials to customer records to classified information on project quotes and strategies. Securing the information stored in a database is crucial as it has so much of confidential content. Even though there are several ways for data backup, ghost imaging is a technique that has stood out in the recent years because of its unique capabilities.

What is ghost imaging and how it works?

Ghost imaging is the process of backing up system data. To image a system using the ghost imaging process, a system needs to convert the contents of the hard drive into an image. This image can be stored on a server or a burned CD that can be used in future whenever required. Companies use this imaging technique whenever they want to store the information as a backup. This technique is also used when an organization wants to lend out laptops to their employees. While doing so, companies can store the image on the server. Once the image has been stored on the server, all the systems connected to the network can install the image, and they will have the same system configuration, easing out the process for employees. Furthermore, ghost imaging can be used for personal use, as having an image copy can help in critical situations like a data or device theft.

  1. There are several ways ghost imaging can be done. For imaging a system, following steps need to be followed:
  2. Connect the device on which you want your image to reside
  3. Close all the applications that are running
  4. Open the downloaded software and put it in run mode
  5. Select the drive that you want imaged
  6. Confirm on ghosting the drive
  7. Choose the destination where the image should reside
  8. Complete the wizard
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Using these steps, anyone having a system can ghost image their system. Ghost imaging a system can and will prove to be useful when it comes to storing and retrieving backups.

There are several other ways of backing up your systems, ranging from generic pen drives to cloud storage, but ghost imaging can help in making numerous copies of it. Several companies have already started using this technique for safeguarding their information

Naveen Joshi

Founder and CEO of Allerin. Works in Big Data, IoT , AI and Blockchain.


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