GoMeta raises $6 million and launches Koji web app development platform


GoMeta is announcing it has raised $6 million and is launching Koji, a new web app development platform that makes it dramatically faster for developers to build and deploy web apps.

Bitkraft led the round, and it believes GoMeta is at the forefront of a new software paradigm that allows games and software to be shared outside the confines of the app stores, which will have a big impact on the mobile games ecosystem in the years to come. San Diego, California-based GoMeta has 11 employees.

With Koji, GoMeta wants to make creating and deploying web applications dramatically faster, easier, and accessible to millions more people.

“We’re shrinking app development times to hours or days instead of months, and enabling novice developers to build and effortlessly deploy apps with Koji,” said Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of GoMeta, in a statement. “Just like video-sharing websites dramatically lowered the difficulty of publishing video and inspired millions of new content creators to broadcast, we’re lowering the difficulty and decreasing the time it takes to release web applications. Koji invites millions of new people to become app creators.”


Above: Koji

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“Unleashing the creativity of user-generated content has historically created significant value for new platforms,” said Scott Rupp, founding partner of Bitkraft Esports Ventures and an investor in GoMeta, in a statement. “GoMeta enables non-technical users to easily create, modify and share casual, mobile, and AR games, democratizing mobile and web game development for the first time. GoMeta is at the forefront of a new software paradigm that allows games and software to be shared outside the confines of the app stores, which we believe will have a big impact on the mobile games ecosystem in the years to come.”

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The Koji platform consists of four parts: a template marketplace, a collaborative development environment, multi-platform deployment automation, and an app store.

“We’ve been believers in GoMeta, Inc.’s vision since 2016 when it was founded and are thrilled to watch the progress that this team is making,” said Kelly Perdew, managing general partner at Moonshots Capital, in a statement. “Making it possible for a limitless number of people all over the globe to create applications is a game changer, and will impact all industries in profound ways.”

For the app marketplace, Koji has a repository of app templates that can be cloned and customized to suit creators’ needs. Starting from a template makes it much easier, and dramatically faster, for creators to build their app. Some apps can be built in under an hour, many in under a day. Templates are added to the marketplace by independent developers and can be made available for free or for a fee.

Because Koji is completely cloud-based and built to be collaborative, creators can easily request help from the community and solve problems in real time, the company said. Collaborating users work on the same code files, see real-time previews, and communicate via chat or internet voice.

With a single click, an app is ready to run on web, mobile, desktop, instant messengers, game consoles, and other platforms.

Because Koji apps are powered by the web and don’t necessarily have to be submitted to traditional app stores, distributing a Koji app is as easy as posting a link to social media, sending it in a message, or linking to it from your website. You can also list your app in the Koji App Store so that people may discover it when they’re browsing around or looking at other apps.

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Koji is available for beta testing starting today. GoMeta was founded in 2016.

Source: VentureBeat

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