Hawkeye lets you control iOS devices with your eyes

Hawkeye Labs is launching a new app, Access by Hawkeye Labs, that can let anyone control their iPhone or iPad using just their eyes. It is aimed at people who may have limited mobility or be unable to control devices with their hands.
Matt Moss, CEO of Hawkeye Labs (and current student at the University of California at Santa Barbara) got excited about eye-tracking technology last year while attending Appleā€™s developer event.
He built a very rough demo that tracked exactly where a user looked on the screen. When he posted the demo to Twitter, it immediately took off, generating over 350,000 views.
The most common response he received on Twitter was how impactful this technology could be for people with motor impairments. He received countless messages from people with disabilities and their family members who were excited about the technology. As a result, he spent his summer break from college launching a new company, Hawkeye Labs, and building its first product, Hawkeye Access.
Since then, Moss has been heads down building the app that will let anyone control their iOS device and browse any website using just their eyes, right out of the gate.
Source: VentureBeat
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