Here’s How Green Business Startups are Leveraging Online Selling


In a country as enterprising as India, it is not surprising to find various socially conscious entrepreneurs going that extra mile to care for the environment. Many of these entrepreneurs come from diverse backgrounds with different cultural upbringing and yet, very often they have one thing in common – their idea of leveraging the internet to set up eco-friendly sustainable business models.

Let’s first talk about Jacob, who is also a founder of a brand called Beej and is one of the many entrepreneurs striving to establish a similar business model on Amazon’s India marketplace. He says, ’I want to make eco-friendly products for the common man. Today, using hand-made soaps or bamboo toothbrushes seem like the choice of the elite. All of it is too luxurious. I want to make these everyday use products abundantly available for all classes of the society so it is the only choice that people have and not a luxurious option.’’ Jacob’s bestselling product is a pencil made out of recycled paper with a capsule filled with seeds and stuck to its bottom that allows it to be planted once its use is over. He also sells a varied range of other ecofriendly products that include seed embedded paper made of recycled paper for notebooks, visiting cards and even wedding cards, bamboo plates, organic handmade soap and most of these products can be planted post usage. He also took the extra step of employing people from the nearby village in Palghar, Maharashtra and hopes to create employment in a larger scale.

In the north eastern region of India, a brand called ZIZIRA set up an online store to help the local farmers earn a sustainable living. What ZIZIRA does is very unique. They source locally grown crops across Meghalaya and the nearby states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and they sell it online through Amazon. This initiative has led people from across the country to try out these unique products, many of which have medicinal and other important health benefits. ZIZIRA had first launched it store on its own ecommerce website. They only decided to sell through an online marketplace when their own ecommerce set up wasn’t functioning. Within the first 6 months of launch on Amazon, ZIZIRA’s revenue has grown by 300% which meant they had earned first time customers who bought regularly from them online.

Similarly, there are stories of sellers from Bangalore selling organic planting pots, from Bhopal selling printed Tshirts that are sold with a sachet of seeds, from Idukki in Kerala selling seeds and saplings and from Kolkata selling live plants. These entrepreneurs make for a constant reminder that the good intentions can be accompanied with ambitious business aspirations. As the number of people choosing the green business continue to surge, you can think about which side of the line do you wish to belong?

Before you quickly set out to check out the products mentioned above, can you tell us a about a green business startup that inspired you? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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