How Personal Branding Is Important for Professional Success! Greeshma Thampi Explains The Logic Deeply


In a study conducted at Harvard University, it was found that a person’s success depends 15% on technical skills and whooping 85% is based on soft skills. Even though a lot of people deserve to become the CEO or get a promotion based on their skills, expertise, knowledge, they may not get the coveted title. In today’s fast moving, competitive and global world, possessing knowledge may not help a person grow in their career and become successful.

The missing link between merit and success is often the lack of a strategic Personal Brand. Personal Brand can also be referred to as ones “Invisible Resume”. It goes way beyond ones qualifications or knowledge. It is the entire package. It comprises of an individual’s personality, charisma, ability to connect with people, composure, confidence and a lot more.

A lot of qualities associated our personal characteristics are intangible. Be it confidence, passion, hardwork, humility, etc. It is our “Personal Brand” that can create a tangible persona in the eyes and minds of people.

Companies invest crores of rupees, time and strategy on branding activities in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and to create a distinct impression in the minds of customers. Similarly, individuals need to create our “Personal Brand” to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


1. Authenticity – Create a brand that stands for the real you. Your true personality, values and strengths.
2. Unique – What makes you stand out? What are the skills and qualities that are unique to you?
3. Relevant – Identify from the qualities that you possess, what makes you compelling? What are the qualities that make you ideal for the job / role / opportunity?


1. List down your short-term (3 years) and long-term goals (10 years). Your goals should include your professional and personal goals.
2. List down the skills, qualities and characteristics you need, to help you achieve those goals. These words form the basis of your “Personal Brand”
3. Design your Personal Brand using the ABCD Model

Personal Branding can be best explained through the ABCD Model

A – Appearance
• The way you dress and groom

B – Behaviour (Professional conduct, etiquette and social protocol)
• The way you conduct yourself should be in sync with your personal brand strategy. They way you behave with others, is how others will behave with you.

C – Communication (Verbal Communication and Body Language)
• Your verbal communication as well as body language needs to send out key messages. For example if being confident is your brand attribute, convey this is your body language as well.

D – Digital Presence (your online impression – linkedin, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc)
• Use the online space for showcasing your knowledge and skill sets. Write blogs, participate in relevant groups and discussions.

Your personal brand needs to be consistent across all 4 aspects. It is a long term process and needs continuous effort.

About the Author

Greeshma is an MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management and a BMS graduate from Narsee Monjee College. She is a Certified Image Consultant trained by the Senior most Image Consultant internationally. She is also the Master Trainer at the “Femina Believe Learning Academy” (A Times of India initiative). She has conducted over 600 workshops addressing close to 11,000 participants.

Prior to setting up the company, she has worked as an HR professional with an IT MNC. She has successfully designed and delivered quality corporate training programs for employees at various levels and across industries like Realty, Luxury Automobile, Aviation, Hospitality, Retail, IT , Consulting, Banking & Finance, Education, Pharma and Manufacturing.

She has conducted training programs for companies l Jet Airways, Shoppers Stop, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, MasterCard, Reliance, Larsen & Toubro, Tata Group, Oberoi Group to name a few. 

By combining learning’s from management education, professional experience and people skills, she encourages people to reach their potential through Image Management. She has featured as an expert on dining etiquette on the first reality television show on image management in the world, “Image Banani Hai” on Zoom. She is also featured as an Etiquette & Communication expert on, a leading video content company. She has been interviewed on Radio City 91.1 and has featured in various national dailies like Times of India, Economic Times, Times Ascent, Bombay Times, DNA and The New Indian Express.


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