Kianoush Tahvili Darban – A Successful Entrepreneur And A Multi-Faceted Personality


Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do.
Your attitude determined how well you do it.  – Lou Holtz

Dreaming big when we are kids is one of the happy days, but as we grow up those dreams are lost somewhere between dreaming a successful life and getting a 9 to 5 settlement. Once we get a job, that’s it. The entire life you spend living like a machine running on repetitive data. But we have here a person who dared to dream big, who dared to work hard. He is Kianoush Tahvili Durban – and successful entrepreneur and a multi-faceted personality.  He was born in the largest and capital city of Iran, Tehran on 16th July 1978. Kianoush moved to the UK to pursue computing after completing his diploma in medicine. With one of UK’s biggest phone retailers- Phones4u, he bagged his first job as a sales consultant. By helping boost sales, he recorded an excellent performance. He emerged as a top sales leader in the UK within his company. He was also lauded for delivering excellent customer satisfaction. In 2012, he moved to Barcelona, Spain to join DeVere Groups as Business Development Manager, for his next assignment.

How mysterious does life works, a wonderful opportunity was waiting for him which he calls his dream job, presented itself to him in 2013. He moved back to the UK to join one of the biggest Real Estate Companies – Countrywide, as its business development manager. He worked tirelessly.  His hard work and dedication soon saw him climb up the career ladder and gain a promotion, as the branch manager at Bridgford’s in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. After a yearlong career stint here, in 2014 he decided to scale his real estate passion to another level and move to Dubai which beckoned him as a land of opportunities. Never had he been so happy about his decision as this one. The year 2015 saw him add a prestigious feather in his cap. He opened his own marketing company – KD Middle East and become the exclusive partner with DP.LLC (Real estate). Kianoush also harbors a passion for modeling and has made a mark for himself there too. He was featured in a few top UK magazines and TV series such as Dinner Date and Jack Whitehall Geordie show. 

Apart from an established well- known name in the Real Estate industry, he is also acclaimed as a great motivator, fitness model, influencer, and animal lover.  How true is it, that a person can excel in anything he wishes to be, but a mere wish is not required, a dedicated, never give up mindset is what has taken him to this level. Kianoush Tahvili Durban exemplifies how hard work, passion, and dedication can help you realize your dreams. He is an inspiration to many on how not to give up on dreams and each and every step you take today will take you to the pinnacles of success!

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