Mega Man 11 speedruns are already awesome

Mega Man 11 is fun to play. It’s also fun to watch others play, especially when they’re able to beat to beat the sidescroller in record time.
The latest entry in the classic Mega Man series came out on October 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. It’s only been available for about a month and a half, but speedrunners have already developed insane strategies. If you enjoy speedrunning, you really should check a Mega Man 11 run out.
And if you’re going to watch, you make as well watch the record holder. Qtt Six has beaten Mega Man 11 on normal mode in 33 minutes and 59 seconds (that’s without using any out-of-bounds tricks, meaning he’s not taking advantages of glitches that take Mega Man into unintended areas outside of the normal space of the levels). You need to watch the run below to get an idea of how awesome this accomplishment is.
Mega Man games have been a mainstay at speedrunning events since the practice became popular. Even when you’re not trying to go as fast as possible, Mega Man titles are challenging and require precise shooting and jumping. Once you try to optimize your speed, the experience becomes insanely difficult and thrilling to watch.

What makes Mega Man 11 fast

Two major factors make Mega Man 11 speedruns especially exciting. The game has a menu wheel that makes it easy to select weapons instantly. Since players don’t need to waste time opening menus or cycling through shoulder buttons, it’s viable to use the ideal weapon for any given situation. In the Mega Man 11 speedrun, most of the special weapons see regular use outside of boss battles.
One of those weapons, Pile Driver, is the other key to speedrunning the game. Pile Driver dashes Mega Man forward, no matter if he’s on the ground of the air. You can chain the move together when jumping to fly over large sections of a level. Mega Man moves much faster than normal when using the move, so figuring out exactly when to take advantage of Pile Driver’s distance and flying capabilities is the key to a successful Mega Man 11 speedrun. People fight Impact Man first just so that they can get this weapon as early as possible, and they’ll go out of their way to collect energy refills so they can get as much Pile Driver ammo as possible.
Source: VentureBeat
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