Netflix will let Black Mirror fans choose their own ending next season

British TV series Black Mirror is known for the mindbending twists and turns that feature in every episode. It’s about to get a lot more interesting: Netflix is reportedly planning to add a choose-your-own-adventure feature to the show, which will let you pick the ending for upcoming episodes.
Bloomberg reported that Netflix is planning to launch a bunch of interactive specials by the end of the year. The streaming service will release one episode of Black Mirror with this feature in its upcoming season. The report says that the company has signed a deal for another live-action project.
Netflix is not rolling out this feature for the first time, though. It released an episode of Puss in Book: Trapped in an epic tale for with interaction points for its Shrek spin-off film last year, followed by a few other projects for kids.
Multi-path content can certainly make shows more interesting, but they require a lot more production work than traditional series. Shows with this video-game style choose-your-own-path feature are picking up slowly. Last year, HBO released a six-part interactive series called Mosaic on a special app with 2.5 of additional footage as compared to its TV version.
There is no release date yet for Black Mirror’s next season, but it’s worth noting that the show’s last two seasons aired in December, so we might similarly see season five in just a couple of months.
This feature will likely keep viewers hooked on Netflix for longer than usual: Hardcore fans of shows like Black Mirror will want to explore all the available paths to discover how each storyline ends. I, for one, can’t wait.

Source: The Next Web

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