Omega Watches Explore the Universe

Omega watches are born to bring innovation admired by the watch lovers across the world. They are the works of art designed delicately to bring the essence of Omega as one of the finest watchmakers in the Swiss timekeeping. It has offered many collections to bring out its creative indulgence in watch designing that suppresses every corner of the universe, from the earth to space. After conducting in-depth research in each sphere, the brand has come out with the pieces that can withstand the extremities. It is indeed a towering achievement for the brand that it has accompanied all six lunar missions planned by NASA, one of the renowned space agencies in the world. It has established a strong foothold in the deep down of the ocean as it did in the moon and earth. The collections like Seamaster, Speedmaster, and Constellation always remain ageless for the watch admirers as they unfurled such watchmaking that is unmatched and unparalleled. The content brings out the achievements earned by the brand with some magnificent collections of timepieces.
Contrary to the other collections in terms of essence, Constellation has a gleaming aura that is brightened with luxurious craftsmanship and the grace of women. These are more the pieces of jewelry that admire your wrist than the ordinary watches. Constellation holds another renowned watch series – Globemaster, World’s first Master Chronometer. While the design maintains the legacy, the appeal remains updated and advanced.
Globemaster has gone further to make its mechanism as strong as no other. It passed nearly eight rigorous tests outlined by METAS to get the one-of-a-kind title, Master chronometer watch. This collection has timepieces that are made of 39mm pie-pan dial that first appeared in 1952 Constellation. With an array of variations, these pieces took a new look even having the same offerings. The dial is generally rested in 18k Sedna gold, 18k yellow gold or stainless steel cases. These watches are available with leather or metal strap.
Constellation is another series that shares the same name as the collection has. Being with the brand since 1982, it has offered many remarkable timepieces that unfold the brand’s indigenous look to craft celestially designed watches. The timepieces mostly designed for ladies reflect a contemporary look with classic essence. Men’s pieces bent on the sophistication of their fashion with ushering in a detail-free look. The superior touch of the brand remains to be stellar for the
As the name says, the collection is the master of the sea as it delved deeper beneath the water with the advanced mechanism. Under the collection, many watches have been engineered depending on the purpose of wearing. Seamaster 300, Planet Ocean 600, Aqua Terr, Diver 300m, and Bullhead are the few names that enrich the offerings of the collection.
Seamaster 300 has evolved a lot to meet the demand of the generation. It has come up with more advanced function than it had 50 years ago. Seamaster 300 Master Chronometer watch offering innovative technology meets the requirement of time sophistically. Since the collection is specially designed for professional divers, it has functioned as enduring as they are required to stay unaffected deep down the sea.
Planet Ocean collection pays tribute to the brand’s maritime legacy since 2005. Due to its never-say-no attitude, it has made a strong place at the house of the brand. With the master chronometer certification and the innovative ideas, the timepieces of the series have been the most talked-about collection.
Aqua Terra on both design and creativity has an admiring place in the hearts of watch lovers. The gent’s collection has timepieces designed with the dial that has a vertical strap reminding the wooden decks of a luxury boat. These watches have been designed with anti-magnetic movements to protect the mechanism from magnetic damages. You can find watches of different variations like 18k red or yellow gold and stainless steel strap.
Ploprof is the most renowned collection that is designed robustly for professional divers with winning over the crushing difficulties under the sea. These watches come up with 1200 meters water-resistance. The designing of such watches must be tough, and this is why they are made of titanium case and ceramic bezels.
Speedmaster is a collection that holds magnificently designed watches for your wrist. Technology goes beyond the limit, and the design breaks all boundaries to craft watch for the Speedmaster collection. The association with NASA reveals the superiority of Omega watches and their acclaimed functions and mechanisms. The collection houses timepieces from Moonwatch, Speedmaster, Mark II, Racing and more.
Moon watches have a one-of-a-kind experience that is being part of six lunar missions conducted by NASA. They rose higher from the physical endurance and excellent courage to encircle the championing spirit of NASA’s astronauts. These watches have renowned Omega essences like 42mm chronograph dial, tachymeter scale, Super-LumiNova coating, and more. The collection of watches has appealing segments that present the moon in various phases like White Side of the Moon, Dark Side of the Moon and the Grey Side of the Moon.
Omega watches have been positioned at the supreme place of watchmaking for having collections that are luxurious as well as fashionable. These watches have been part of various adventurous missions conducted on land, the sea, and space. After receiving the appreciation from the renowned agencies like NASA, these watches explored every corner of the Universe.

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