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Patriotism or just a herd mentality- How will this affect Snapchat?

Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat… Every social media even radios are flooded with comments about Snapchat!!
Variety magazine quoted a former employee claiming that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had said in a meeting in September 2015 that this app isn’t meant for poor countries like India and Spain.
Aren’t we just over-reacting on a statement, which we don’t even know if it stands true or not? But suddenly our patriotism is touching the Everest peak height. Facebook, Twitter and many other social platforms are oozing with the aggression against the CEO of Snapchat. And why not and how dare he! After all India is my pride. How can a CEO take such a decision for his business? (If at all he has taken such decision. But who knows the truth, not me atleast).
Uninstalling Snapchat is the trend of the day. Isn’t it? I hope we are not following the Herd Mentality, though we are best at it. Between all this, poor Snapdeal is paying the price. If it is Snap, just Snap off!!
But honestly, this made me wonder what if Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey would have made such a statement. How many of us would have deleted our Facebook or Twitter accounts? What if President Trump said something similar? Would we have reacted the same way and said No more US trips? I certainly doubt. After all, a trip to the US is once in a lifetime opportunity. Isn’t it?
For a moment, keeping the Snapchat issue aside, do we really feel that India is rich when it is still called a Developing Nation? 70 years down the independence road, we are not even in the first 100 when it comes to the GDP-PPP ranking of the world. An article of Business Today says that, “India has the highest number of people living below poverty line: World Bank”.
India is a rich country but still we need hundreds of PM schemes to make our living better. We are rich but still people evade taxes. We are rich but still our farmers suicide. We are rich but still we go to foreign countries to study, to work, to settle. We are rich but still we hear cases of female foeticide. We are rich but still the brides are welcomed with dowry. We are rich but still we have beggars all over. We are rich but still people sleep on the footpath. We are rich but still people die outside hospitals because they can’t afford medical bills. We are rich but still we need to be corrupt at every possible place. Are we still RICH? Or is it a bitter truth.
Certainly, anyone making such a remark will hurt the sentiments of the people. But the question is – Is it enough to just Uninstall the app? Or as a true citizen we should contribute towards the development of our nation? If you are really angry then make this anger your strength, the force to drive India to the new heights of success. Be an honest citizen. Give India and Indians the Right to CHOOSE instead of being CHOSEN.
On personal grounds, I strongly believe action speaks louder than words, so instead of just hearing some news on social media and reacting, people should use some intelligence and enjoy the app.
If we are real patriotic people, start paying your taxes on time and help in the real growth of the country and show your anger in right direction.



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