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Satisfye’s Nintendo Switch grip improves the comfort for big hands

I have a friend who is too big. Just in general. He’s too tall to be allowed. This is a problem for him in many ways, I’m sure. But the only one I truly sympathize with him on is that his hands are too large for the Nintendo Switch in portable mode. Mine are also too big. I strained some muscles and ligaments playing that system for extended periods of time when Dead Cells came out. But he finds the Switch so uncomfortable that he has already sold his. I get that, but I think he should give it another try because of a new accessory called the Pro Gaming Grip from Satisfye.

The Pro Gaming Grip is a plastic outer shell that you wrap around Nintendo’s hybrid handheld/home console. It adds some extra bulk as well as extended hand grips on each edge of the device. This makes the Switch feel significantly more ergonomic.

When you hold the Switch with the Pro Gaming Grip, it actually feels a lot more like a Wii U Gamepad. The hand grips probably still aren’t as long as I would like, but Satisfye has made the system feel a lot closer to a large version of something you’d use with other home consoles.

The big problem with the Pro Gaming Grip is probably the one you’re already imagining. The system is a lot less portable when it’s in that shell. If it ever fit into your pocket, which it probably didn’t, it certainly won’t anymore. You can get a Satisfye carrying case to help with that, but that is also extremely large compared to other cases.

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But sacrificing portability for comfort is something I’m OK with. I’d rather save my hands and then take off the Grip when it’s time to travel.

Source: VentureBeat

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