Students from SP Robotics Maker Lab build Jasper Robot Project that serves water

SP Robotic Works is India’s leading edutainment company in the field of Robotics. With its recent launch of SP Robotics Maker Lab, a first of its kind platform to empower the younger generation in the field of Robotics, the company is creating history in every city across India. Today, SP Robotics Maker Lab is India’s No: 1 Robotics Edutainment Centre with more than 75 Branches across 27 Cities in India. With Junior, Senior and Super Senior student programs, 10000+ students between age 7 and 16+ learn and build their own robots every week. With curricula in Robotics, Drones, IoT, Virtual Reality, and many more emerging technologies, they ensure every class is engaging with practical experiments giving confidence and thrill to every student. With an AI teacher developed by them, each student is guided individually with rich Animations, Real-time Concepts and interactive questions that make learning Contextual, engaging and fun, and also ensures quality of education across every branch. 

Learning without applying? What’s the use? SP Robotic Works understands this and provides a platform for every student to showcase their talent. Competitions like SPARC, project challenges, real-world robots are some exciting options for the students. One such interesting robot built by the student is Jasper. Inspired from the idea of Amazon’s delivery robot, this Jasper Robot is a delivery robot with a base structure where its brain, motors and battery are housed along with a compartment to store items. It has a face on top and also speaks, to make it a friendly neighbourhood robot. Students in Mumbai,  Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad have built it as teams and have implemented this social robot in all of their localities. The students control it using Bluetooth and plan to make it autonomous by adding more features to it. “It’s a very nice building such big robots. It’s so much fun and I also learn a lot. We want the robot to be deployed in streets at night for security, we also plan to use it for short deliveries within the locality and we have very big plans for our locality to be completely automated, safe and secure”, shares  Khushi Chaudhry, Maker Lab Andheri, Mumbai.

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With an aim to reach millions of students every year, the company is rapidly growing and inspiring young minds across the country. “We understand every parent’s need of ensuring their child is ready for the future and also is engaged in the right way when they are young. Just playing video games and watching TV is a worry for every parent – this needs to be substituted with fun and learning. Robotics, Drones and VR are the best ingredients for it and we teach programming, electronics and all of these concepts with fun and games. Students love it and parents are happy that their child’s time is well spent making them future ready”, says Sneha Priya, CEO and Co-Founder of SP Robotic Works. 

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