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Hey, Cricket bugs out there! Are you also an expert in predicting who’s going to win and who’s going to lose? Are you the one who’s always winning those casual bets with your friends? Well, you can now earn a heft amount just by being a couch potato. Pinch yourself harder, because you are not dreaming! It’s REAL!

Cricket betting

Have you ever heard of cricket betting? Well, of course, you have. But, you’re too scared to bet because of the stigmas attached to it.

That time has gone when betting was considered an illegal activity in India.


Online cricket betting is remarkably widespread among sports bettors all over the world. In recent days, our country has come out as the world’s largest market for cricket betting, with the Indian Premier League representing the biggest cricket league in the world. IPL betting brings the Indian betting community like no other tournament.

Cricket betting draws a host of betting fanatics eager to place bets on the ICC Cricket World Cup, the most celebrated IPL and other such tournaments. If you’re hoping to become a successful cricket bettor, ThisWin is the best site suitable for your needs.


Don’t get behind on the cricket news updatesalong with researches and tips for betting. As a popular game, cricket is principally divided into two branches: into international (match betwee nations) and domestic (match between states or leagues). ThisWin have the detailed explanations of betting markets for all of these cricket matches.

Online Mobile cricket betting

Cricket betting on a smartphone has become astonishingly common. Passed are the times when people would set bets on a PC.

With the price of cellular data falling and mobile devices being more powerful, betting on cricket using mobile devices is easy and more interesting than ever before.

You have the option to use a mobile cricket betting app or access a site through your web browser. A mobile website would be just accurate as the experience is just the same on the app. There’s no such characteristic that you’ll get on one version and you won’t get on another. Live Cricket betting will be as smooth as butter for you!

Top Cricket site

Are you planning to start online cricket betting but don’t have a clue where to start? Take the experts’ advice and start from ThisWin! ThisWin is India’s Top Cricket betting site. You can get all the live updates from Whats more? You can use the ThisWin App Live Cricket to check on the Live score updates and make those accurate bets!

ThisWin is supported by prominent payment gateways, like MasterCard, VISA, Amex, RuPay and many more. This betting site offers you everything! If you are a beginner, start betting with ThisWin. It teaches you all the hacks and tricks in betting through which you can earn a hefty amount.

World’s Top Cricket Events to do Online Betting

Many marvellous cricket tournaments and series are played across the world every year. T20s, ODIs, and test matches give you lots of amazing opportunities to satisfy gambling in cricket.

Here are some of the world’s topmost tournaments to place a cricket bet:

Indian Premier League (April or May)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is unquestionably the most successful T20 league in the world. It has been a booming success and attracts a large strength of audience. The IPL has currently eight teams from different cities of India, with franchises hiring some of the most famous personalities in cricket. Nowadays, online IPL betting has become a huge market.

If you’re searching for the best guidance for all IPL games, we’ve got your back. ThisWin will inform you not only what the IPL match forecasts are and where to place your bets, but additionally why that’s a vast choice based on the data we have linked with our knowledge of the policies that are deployed by the decorated IPL teams.

IPL 2021 is currently on hold due to the rise in the COVID-19 cases. It’s all set to recommence on September 19 in UAE. Ready to bet?

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is the greatest tournament in T20 International cricket. The tournament currently comprises of 16 teams, including the top 10 international teams from the rankings and six other teams are selected through the Qualifiers round in T20 World Cup Qualifiers.

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup for the year 2021 will be contested in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The official dates have not yet been confirmedbut there are strong reports that the tournament will be held in October.

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

This tournament is one of the most-admired and most-waited sports competitions in the world. After every four years, the World Cup is played. After wearing the crown in the 2019 World Cup, England is the dominating champion. The tournament’s next version will be played in 2023, in India.

ICC World Test Championship

The ICC World Test Championship is a ne kid in the block. It is a brand new tournament launched by the ICC to save the vanishing form of cricket – Test cricket

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