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Vampyr is adding new difficulty modes for experienced and story-seeking players

vampyr is adding new difficulty modes for experienced and story seeking players

DontNod Entertainment announced today that it is adding two new difficulty modes to its action role-playing game Vampyr, which came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 5. Story Mode de-emphasizes combat, making it easier to experience the game’s narrative. Hard Mode gives players less experience points per kill and makes combat more difficult. The update is coming later this summer.

Vampyr has sold almost over half a million copies so far. These new difficulty updates could make the game more accessible to players that can be intimated by these kinds of RPGs. But Story Modes aren’t just for novice players. Some gamers are just too busy to want to suffer through in-game deaths and other setbacks to finish a game. Others just don’t enjoy combat.

Hard Mode, meanwhile, can give people who already beaten Vampyr an excuse to play the game again. It could also appeal to new players who love challenges.

Our review of Vampyr praised its narrative but criticized its combat. The new Story Mode could help alleviate that problem.

Ahead of this update, Vampyr is on sale for 25 percent off on Steam.

Source: VentureBeat

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