Why All Students Should Focus on Enhancing their Digital Skills



As a student, you have your field of study that you specialize in and plan to build your professional career around. But once graduated, the competition can be harsh. Give yourself a head start in the job race by combining your specialization with great digital skills!

Freedom and Flexibility

The digital revolution has paved the way for freelancers and independent consultants. Because of the large variety of tasks related to IT, more companies use freelancers in projects that demand specialized know-how. This has created a big market for IT contractors and consultants.

IT freelancers are in high demand because they can provide companies with expert knowledge within a certain field. That is highly needed, as the digital growth constantly sets new standards for technological know-how. Therefore, many companies use IT contractors for projects, where expert knowledge is needed for only a limited amount of time. Perhaps you have always considered being your own boss? As an independent IT consultant, you will have the freedom to decide which projects and companies you want to work with.

The Need for Digital Skills is Ubiquitous

The digital revolution is changing the world and businesses will struggle to survive if they don’t have a well-functioning digital setup. In reality, digital solutions have become the main ingredient in the recipe for increased profits. This means that companies are dependent on digital solutions powering their daily operations and making business models future-proof.

Therefore, regardless of your field of study, IT skills will be a real asset. If you study language or marketing, you should know how companies can make use of the many digital communications solutions that exist. If you are studying economics, you can help companies digitize essential financial processes. Or perhaps you are even studying within an IT related field and will be able to help companies develop and implement new digital systems.

No matter the field of study, it is key for you as a student to mix expert skills with digital knowledge if you want to be an attractive resource for future employers.

Digital Skills are the New Business Driver

When companies succeed in combining business development and digital know-how, they very often experience great success. Therefore, many companies look for employees that take digital solutions as the natural starting point to develop, optimize or innovate the business. Being part of the “digital native” generation is your opportunity to beat the more experienced job seekers out there, but you need to put some effort and into improving your professional IT skills, it’s not enough to spend your day on Snapchat ????.

This is the Future of Work

There is no doubt that digital solutions are part of the future. Just over the last 20 years, we have seen how robots and digital solutions have taken over a lot of tasks formerly handled by humans. The digitalization has made a huge number of business processes easier across industries and it comes as no surprise that this development will continue in the future. As of today, many traditional leaders still resort to old-school management, but the truth is that that won’t be enough in the future of digital organizations. Therefore, future employees need to have a digital mindset and be eager to ride on the technological wave.

While technology is getting increasingly more advanced, it is still dependent on humans. This puts the demand on the future workforce, as it is expected that employees understand, leverage and cooperate with digital solutions. In other words, you have to build a fundamental understanding of digital opportunities and solutions in order to be able to be that person who can seamlessly bridge the gap between technical solutions and the organization you would like to work in.

Customer Demand for Digitally-Powered Solutions and Products is Only Growing

As the development of technology increases, so does the demand from businesses. Taking a customer focus, future consumers expect and rely on digital solutions. Technology has made all kinds of everyday life errands easier, and consumers expect businesses to provide simple and functioning services.

But, not only from the outside but also internally, you find a big demand for employees with a mixed skill set. More companies will hire you if you can easily adapt to the company’s digital setup. Since many business processes are being digitalized, companies need employees that understand existing business processes and know how these processes can be improved.

And the good thing: You are probably already one step ahead of the old generation. As a student, you are born within the digital revolution and have been raised with the technological development. Therefore, you also have a general understanding of IT that the older generation hasn’t. So, if you build on that existing knowledge and stay curious about the digital development, you will have a much easier time landing your next job.

Source: Techstory

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