Would you work towards your breakthrough?

Everything is seemingly good in your life. You have a great reputation, a great career, an awesome family, you are living an envious life. And then suddenly one day, something drastic happens and your world comes crashing down in a fraction of second. You lost your job, may be you lost a loved one. You failed in an attempt that was dear to you. Your children didn’t do well in their expected areas of their lives. Your relationship with your loved one breaks…et cetera, et cetera……
That’s the time when your real self comes to play. The unmasked self. Are you prepared mentally & psychologically to deal with any such things in your life? Do ask yourself these: What is that thing you fear if taken away from you, you will loose your identity? What is that thing that matches/exceeds the expectations of your life at this point in time? If you have to give away that, will you still be happy? Will you be able to get past that? If yes, how?
There are basically two things that human beings need: growth(a sense of development & not being static) & the other is the sense of being connected to be able to contribute. Why do you think some people make the most of any critical situation & some don’t?!The reason is pretty simple. When you feel that the loss that has happened to you cannot be replaced/filled; when you feel the situation cannot be changed, that’s the time when you loose the power to breakthrough & progress. The moment you feel helpless is the moment you see the inability to recuperate you current state, you panic & go to the negative mode. A sense of loss, inability, vacuum overpowers you.
Every person has his/her ideal image of life. You may call this simply the mental sketch of life. Our life encompasses many aspects: relationships, career, family, spirituality, emotional fulfillment etc. You pick any area & everyone has deep hidden definition of how that area of life should look like or should be. In the areas that our current situation meets/exceeds the ideal image,we feel happy. When it doesn’t, we get upset & stressed.
The cause of unhappiness is not the situation per se, but our perception of the situation that we are in. What are the general reactions to our inability to see through a situation?


The moment we can flip our perception & look through the situation objectively, we can overcome every challenge in life. Being able to accept this as a challenge and not the end of the world, is the crux.
Challenging times have the ability to give you the wisdom which happier times may not:

  1. Helps you to deepen your relationships. This is the time you know your true friends, well-wishers. You can drop out the fake ones.
  2. You become stronger psychologically. You connect with your deeper self.
  3. You become more wise & creative.
  4. You manage your resources well. You don’t waste but learn to value the importance of different resources. You learn the value of simplicity.
  5. You are able to decide what is important & what matters really in life.
  6. You are able to see what futile things you were running after.
  7. Sometimes it paves the way for your life’s purpose & connects you to your destiny.

Would you let a challenging situation crush you or would you work towards your breakthrough? How does a breakthrough happen?
Insights(Realization & change in perception) + Actions(Taking tiny steps to move forward) = Breakthrough(Life changing results)
Leaving you with this thought: Your ability & drive cannot be taken away no matter what. So would you say with me this? – “Bring it on. I am empowered within to face it head on.”

Certified Life Coach(Personal Empowerment & Career Coach) ACSTH-ICF, ex-HR pro, casual writer, volunteers occasionally.

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