YouTube now lets advertisers tailor campaigns for TVs

YouTube has announced that advertisers will now be able to tailor their ad campaigns specifically to people viewing them on a TV screen.
The Google-owned video-streaming behemoth revealed back in April that it planned to leverage the TV platform to hook-in more advertisers.
While ads have always been part of YouTube on the big screen, marketers have thus far have only been able to optimize their advertisements for smartphones, tablets, and traditional computers. By adding “TV screens” as a device type to Google Ads and its Display & Video 360 campaign management tools, however, it’s now possible to target consumers while they’re sprawled on their lounge sofa watching their 50-inch flat-screen.

Desktop to TV

YouTube started life in a desktop browser, but it has long since transcended its PC roots and moved into the mobile phone realm — and in recent years has also become a major part of the living room. Through the likes of connected TV apps, games consoles, set-top boxes, and Chromecast, YouTube now garners more than 180 million hours of viewing a day through big screens, from more than 1 billion hours overall.
Being able to target a user watching YouTube on their TV means marketers can create advertisements that work better on a bigger screen and adjust their bids so their ads show up more frequently for product searches performed through a Samsung smart TV. Similarly, if a company has a particular product to promote that would perhaps be more appealing to TV viewers, such as a games console or Blu-ray player, they can ensure that their ads only show up for those viewers.
With TV screens now included as a device type, brands can also see specific analytics and reports to determine how well their ads are performing on bigger screens, and adjust their creative output accordingly.
Source: VentureBeat
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