Fretbox is all your society needs right now! Go Digital!

With the digital wave going on, and SaaS is marching into every industry. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model where an external provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers through the internet. FretBox is a highly efficient, effective SAAS product to improve customer satisfaction scores in facility & security management space. Started with the aim of customer-based satisfaction, the fretbox is making a name for itself.

Fretbox is a plug-n-play platform to use as a helpdesk in facility & security management. Its workflow helps all participants on grievances/information from registration to closure. It is a complete hit in today’s time because going digital and contactless is what the world needs right now.

Mr. Ashish Gupta, the founder, is from a baniya business family. Ashish is the first in his family to choose a corporate job, working with IT multinationals as product consultants in India, UK, Middle east. Co-Founders are Mr. Bishnu Sahoo. Mr. Sahoo and Ashish are college roomies, friends of 15 years. This friendship has fostered a profitable business!

Fretbox is a smartphone mobile app solution to manage communities effectively. Fretbox provides a world-class user interface, resulting in healthy, high quality, productive customer relationships. Target audience is Apartments, Hostels/PGs & corporate business Parks. Currently, the company is operating in Pune. It is an early-stage company which is widening its horizon at every go.

Basic key features of Fretbox are Complaints management, Visitors management, Maintenance & Facilities Management, Improved communication.

With rising competition, every App needs to have a USP that takes it forward. FretBox is a customer-centric product, committed to providing easy operations, transparent processes & information of housing communities, leading to enhanced happiness scores of residents. They focus on both minor and important facilities & security needs, of residents in communities. Treating the customer as the king is their major point. Fretbox competitors are focusing on gate management only and some others are focusing on maintenance collection of a housing society. FretBox engages with end-users (Residents) to understand their needs and builds solutions for residents. Fretbox is flexible, adaptable, and multi-function in the resident’s facility & security management.

Funding is an essential part of every startup. Fretbox is a 100% self-funded journey so far. Ashish & Bishnu fund FretBox with their full-time job salaries. An investment of INR 25 lac+ has been done to date. FretBox team supports their vision and mission because trust is what takes a team forward. The company is finalizing with a UAE based Angel platform for their Pre-seed round.

In the next 2-3 years, Fretbox plans to onboard approx four thousand societies, hostels reaching to approx. 5-6lakh daily users across India. The company has ambitious international plans too in this time frame. For both India, International product plans in the next 2-3 years, they will provide an AI-supported community management system, in multiple Indian, international languages.

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