PM Modi Talked About Several Things, But Avoid The Condition Of Migrant Workers, Are They Not A Part Of This Nation?

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the 6th time, he talked and discussed about several things, he started by talking about the history and Shastras of India like some guru or pandit, as if some mantra or worship will help the nation from coming out of this pandemic, maybe he is unaware of the fact that people expected relief and support from the government as this advice of doing yoga and releasing stress will not put food in their stomachs and will not feed their families.

In the speech, the prime minister talked about everything, gave some irrelevant examples, which was not even necessary, but he didn’t utter a single word or mentioned the condition of migrant workers in his speech, why he did that? as India is a democratic country where the government is by the people and for the people, are these migrant workers not a part of this democracy?

Why Modi government is becoming so insensitive about the migrant workers?

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The prime minister mentioned about “apda se avsar” which basically means transforming the worse situation into an opportunity. If he really meant that the nation is making best out of worst, then not the nation but the government has surely done it, as usual, the government didn’t leave a chance to fill up its treasures. In this situation of pandemic also the government asked money from the public in the name of PM Cares FUnd, and then nothing from these funds have been used to protect and provide relief to the poor and migrant workers.

Indian government rescued the citizens stranded abroad because of the coronavirus outbreak, special airplanes were sent to bring these people back to India, and nothing was charged to the stranded passengers. Then why the government is doing such a partiality with these workers, the migrant workers are being charged for tickets of the trains, after lockdown, these workers have left with no work and no money does the government really thinks that they are in a position to buy tickets for them and their families.

how coronavirus turned into humanitarian crisis for migrant workers

The PM cares fund has been set up by the prime minister and hundreds of crores rupees have been donated by the people into these funds. Why is this money not being used to bring the workers home? The people who can afford to buy a ticket are being charged nothing and the people who have zero money and resources with them are being charged money for going back home. What kind of leadership is this?

Prime Minister talks about the supply chain, then why people are dying out of hunger?

The government talks about the supply chain, then why millions of migrant workers decided to leave cities for going back to their hometowns because they don’t have food and resources here. This insensitivity and poor supply chain management of the government has led the migrant workers to walk barefoot for hundreds of kilometres, without money, without water, food, and resources, and now these people are being lathicharged and tortured by the policemen.

They are being bullied and tortured by the truck drivers, millions of migrant workers have trapped far from home without shelter, water, and employment. If this is what prime minister said is strengthening of demand and supply chain network then sorry, but the government really need to come out of its hallucination that they are providing food and shelter to the poor as clearly, the authorities have done nothing for these poor migrant workers rather these people are dying out of hunger.

The government talks about strengthening the five pillars of becoming “self-reliant” and a lot of emphases have been given on that the country should become self-reliant but after hearing this, a question that arises here is that can we really become self-reliant? If this means becoming economically independent then it’s practically impossible, it seems to sound very pleasant that we will become self-reliant but in practical terms, it is absurd, as The GDP of the country is highly dependent upon the MNCs, and becoming self-reliant in a nation and system which lacks transparency, compassion, support and whose pillars are corruption is next to impossible.

in charts: india's migrant workers face anxiety over jobs, healthcare and food supplies

The Prime Minister Mentioned strengthening of the economy, infrastructure, and a technology-driven system, and a Modern India that would be building up with the smell of the soil and with the sweat of our labourers, they are planning to build a “Modern India” with the sweat of the labourers and workers but don’t have resources and money to feed them only, don’t have time to look after their condition, the prime minister said it very easily that we build a modern India by their sweat and hard work but has he done anything for these migrant workers who are moving and travelling barefoot without any resources from past 53 days.

The system that he talks about has zero transparency and a lot of corruption and brutality towards the public and that system has zero concern and zero empathy towards the migrant workers. Further talking about the technology, but sorry technology would not provide food to these people and would not help them to feed themselves and their families.

The highest ever relief package has been announced but it has nothing for poor and migrant workers:

The government has announced a relief package of 20 lakh crores with a slogan of “20 lakhs in 2020”, but is the practical implementations of this package is possible as the packages announced before for economic stability have not been implemented anywhere. Also, the package of 20 lakh crores which has been announced this time by the government has nothing for poor and migrant workers who have been walking to their home. The central government announced Rs 3.6 lakh crores of collateral-free loans for small businesses, but where is the remaining Rs 16.4 lakh crore?

“We must protect our lives as well as livelihood,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but he didn’t have anything to say about these millions of people who have been pushed to destitution because of the lockdown. The relief package includes exemptions for MSMEs and local businesses but will these businesses be able to get operational without the workers and labourers? The relief has been given to the agriculture sector but will the crop and food supplies can be transported and made available in the market without logistics and labour?

Thus, our government clearly lacks compassion, support, and empathy towards the citizens, the government wants to build a nation that is self-reliant with the hard work and sweat of the workers and labourers and has been proven totally useless in improving and assisting their problems. This is not what we call a democracy, where the government only thinks about its profits and luxuries.

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