Oyo Announces 4-Days/Week Work Schedule For Its Employees: Unlimited Paid Leaves For Oyo Employees’ Mental Health Till July

Oyo’s new work schedule

The unemployment rate has touched an all-time high since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in India. Lockdowns and restrictions imposed due to the ongoing pandemic have halted the in-person working of all the offices. In 2020, the unemployment rate touched nearly 5.4 percent.

Similarly, in 2021, roughly 8% of people are unemployed, and the urban sectors are affected the most. The ‘unplanned’ lockdown in 2020 hit every working sector. Several migrant workers had to leave the cities in a hurry since the government spontaneously decided to imposed a lockdown. Many workers lost their lives as they had to travel long distances on foot.

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F&B businesses and nightclub industries have been affected a lot due to the ongoing pandemic situation in the country. It constitutes nearly 3% of the GDP in India. But due to the ongoing restrictions and businesses, nearly every 1 in 3 eateries have been shut down due to lack of footfall. The rising unemployment and shutdown of various firms have caused a lot of mental health issues in people. The pre-COVID scenario for mental health was already a big concern in India. But with the arrival of the virus, the alcohol intake of people has risen, several adults are complaining of anxiety and depression.

Hence, many companies are providing paid leaves and other options to their employees to lessen their burden.

Oyo introduces unlimited paid-work leaves and 4-days a week work for its employees.

oyo announces 4-day work week, unlimited paid leaves for employee well- being

Oyo Rooms, an Indian startup, has done a commendable job in such unprecedented pandemic times. The company announced a 4-days work per week for its employees along with the benefit of paid work leaves till July. The devastating effect of the second wave of COVID has resulted in several people losing their jobs and this is affecting their mental health. Hence, this move is implemented to ensure a healthy work environment for its employees, without putting much pressure on them. According to Your Story, the founder and Group CEO of OYO- Ritesh Agarwal shared the plans with his staff and said he hoped the measures would make it easier for the company to achieve in the next few weeks.

Similarly, Twitter has also announced permanent work from home to its employees, even after the pandemic is over. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, in his email to the employees mentioned that they will be providing a permanent work from home facility to them. However, employees that are required to maintain the servers or are required to be physically present, need to come to the office. Twitter has become the first company to provide work from home facilities with the announcement of this decision.

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