India after coronavirus; Spending money in these turbulent times

India after the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus crisis is said to be plunging the world into a recession. But, what does it mean for Indian businesses and consumers?

What to do with your money in these times

The markets have been extremely volatile as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Should you pull out, stay put, or invest at a time like this?

Amazon, Flipkart to soon deliver non-essentials

Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall temporarily stopped taking orders for non-essentials due to the restrictions imposed during the lockdown.

upGrad prepares for growth amid lockdown

The concerns of credibility that taint online education are now vanishing. upGrad’s Mayank Kumar on how India can get good quality education online.

Meet the world’s youngest male developer

Fourteen-year-old Onkar Singh Batra has built the COVID Care Jammu website to help people connect with doctors and get medical support.

Free solution to stop community spread of coronavirus

Started by Saurav Bhaik and Ankit Sinha in 2013, Gurugram startup Tagbin aims to provide a free solution for governments to help in contact-tracing.

How Drivezy is navigating the COVID-19 crisis

Take a closer look at peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform Drivezy, its journey till now, and what lies ahead in a coronavirus-hit world.

Source: Yourstory

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